• Ian Youvan, junior in finance, Gabe Harris, graduate student in business, Curtis Ebert, senior in communication and Austin Clay compete in the Red Bull Soapbox Race Seattle in Seattle, Washington, on Sunday, Aug 24.

    PSU competes in Red Bull soapbox race

    | Audrey Dighans copy editor | Pittsburg State students seem to have a healthy habit of getting the university’s name spread nationwide for a variety of reasons. The latest reason, including one RV, one soapbox in the shape of a gorilla and four friends, called Pittsburg State #SOKB (Straight Outta Kansas Baby) made a few heads turn at the Red Bull Soapbox Race Seattle in Seattle, Wash., on Sunday, Aug. 24. “It was great to accomplish something so big,” said Ian Youvan, junior in finance and the team’s driver. Youvan’s teammates included Gabe Harris, graduate student in business, Curtis Ebert, senior in communication and Austin Clay. #SOKB took fifth place out of the 40 teams…

  • John Botts, sophomore in finance, spends time in between classes laying in the shade to try and cool off during the hot summer days.

    Campus copes with high temperatures

    | Jay Benedict reporter | “I might as well be studying outside,” said Emma Tompkins. “At least there’s a breeze out there.” Tompkins, senior in therapeutic recreation, was studying on the second floor of the Student Recreation Center on Monday afternoon. The building’s cooling system had been offline more than 48 hours, bringing the inside temperature to 90 degrees. Sweat poured off Tompkins as she studied her notes. “Classes should be canceled when it feels like this,” Tompkins said. “It’s distracting and uncomfortable. We’ve got Canvas and email, professors should use them and let us work from home.” However, down the hall in the Human Performance Lab, exercise science majors kept at work, despite the…

  • Greeks praise, critique weekend conference

    | Audrey Dighans copy editor | Each year at about 5 a.m., 400 Pitt State students are up, dressed and loading onto charter buses, paid for by the university, on their way to the Fraternal Leadership Summit (FLS). This year the $60,000 annual conference on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 16 and 17, was no exception. Held in Fayetteville, Ark., at the University of Arkansas, Pitt State Greek students attended a weekend of seminars, speakers and various breakout sessions aimed at improving recruitment processes, philanthropy and leadership. “FLS is designed to bring the Greek community together,” said Steven Erwin, associate vice president of campus life and auxiliary services. “This is our sixth or seventh year of…

  • John Botts, sophomore in finance, spends time in between classes laying in the shade to try and cool off during the hot summer days.

    Hot Gorillas

    How are Pitt State’s students and faculty coping with the heat? Find out in this week’s issue of the Collegio.

  • Residents push the screen aside in order to move in larger items to avoid busy stairwells on Saturday, August 16.

    Student gets help at new campus home

    | Marcus Clem reporter | It was a circus out there. That’s at least what can be gathered if one follows the Saturday, Aug. 16, theme of getting into the residence halls for roughly 1,500 students. The theme was just to keep the whole idea of starting a new year, or maybe a new life, on-campus fun for both residents and the students who are charged with their care as resident assistants. “It helps some people relax a lot,” said Michelle Smith, junior in nursing, who is now living in the Crimson Commons residence hall and volunteered to help other on-campus students move in. That’s what Ashvin “Ash” Sahni, area coordinator, also has in mind,…


Volleyball hosts scrimmage

| Michael Bauer sports editor | The Pittsburg State volleyball team held its annual scrimmage/Autograph Day at John Lance Arena on Saturday, Aug. 23. The scrimmage consisted of three matches with the Gorillas divided into Red and Blue sides. The blue team won the first two matches while the red took the final match. After the scrimmage, the volleyball players signed posters for their fans. “We still have a little ways to go,” said Jenny Mueller, head coach. “But I saw some really good things from different players. In the heat, it makes it a tougher game but we’ve been practicing in the heat every day and we’re hoping to make that a home court…

Sneak Peak

Scrimmage foreshadows promising season | Brett Collier reporter | With two weeks to go until the 2014 season kicks off, the Pittsburg State football team held its second scrimmage on Saturday, Aug. 23, at Carnie Smith Stadium. The scrimmage featured the offense working through several game-like scenarios against the first-and second-team defense. While no official score was kept, the scrimmage provided the players with a chance to play at game speed and the coaches to evaluate where the team stands before the season begins. Head football coach Tim Beck says that while expectations were met for this scrimmage, it took some time to get there. “Early on, we didn’t meet expectations,” Beck said. “We came…

Gearing Up

PSU looks to return to playoffs | Michael Bauer sports editor | It didn’t seem fair to the Gorillas. A 35-21 loss to the Missouri Southern Lions on the final day of the regular season kicked PSU out of contention for the NCAA Division II playoffs for a second consecutive year despite a 9-2 regular season record and finishing the season ranked 19th in the AFCA coaches poll. Emporia State, a team that PSU didn’t get to play, took advantage of the Gorilla loss and jumped ahead in the regional rankings to snatch a spot in the playoffs after going 9-1 in the regular season while PSU had to settle for the Mineral Water Bowl….

Campus Life

Collegiate Readership Program hasn’t disappeared

| Gretchen Burns reporter | Students, professors and faculty will have a more difficult, and in some cases longer walk, to find The USA Today, The Joplin Glove and the Pittsburg Morning Sun newspapers this year. The papers are part of the Collegiate Readership Program, a program sponsored by the Student Government Association (SGA). To retrieve a copy of any paper within the program, students simply swipe their student ID card into the machine and take which copy they like. However, several of the distribution machines disappeared over the summer, leaving the question of whether the program still exists or has become extinct. Newspaper readers will be glad to know the program has not disappeared,…

Flat tires

Campus Christians run out of bikes | Val Vita reporter | If you have been looking for a way to make that old bike in your garage, the one you never ride, useful again, now is the chance. Don Smith, Campus Christians minister, currently has 52 people on his bike wait list. The list, which keeps getting longer every day, is something new for Smith. He says in his 32 years of renting out the bikes via Campus Christians, this is the first time the organization has ever run out of bikes before classes start. For students, especially internationals who rarely have cars to move around, the lack of bikes is more than an inconvenience….

It’s a rush

Fall recruitment ends, begins for PSU Greeks | Audrey Dighans copy editor | Students who moved back early probably noticed members of Pitt State’s seven fraternities busy fixing up their houses for another school year. That’s because the first week of classes is also the first week of Fall rush and the men of Sigma Tau Gamma, Sigma Chi, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Sigma Kappa and Sigma Phi Epsilon are all hoping to gain new recruits. While the frats were busy fall cleaning last week, PSU’s three sororities; Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sigma Sigma Sigma and Alpha Gamma Delta, were participating in multiple rush, or as it is more formally…

Campus clubs to meet, greet students at Activities Fair

| Casey Matlock reporter | Sandra Floras says the Activities Fair helped her with her major. “My favorite booth from last year was the education booth because it helped me to further my major by building connections and experiences,” said Floras, senior in education. The Student Activities Fair will be from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 3, in the Oval. Megan Smejdir, campus activities coordinator, says 60-70 organizations will showcase for potential club members. Free food, drinks and several activities will be provided. “My favorite booth from last year was Gorilla Radio because I had a couple of friends at the booth, and it was fun to meet new people, listen to music,…

Students interact with local businesses at Community Fair

| Caitlin Martin reporter | Walking through the Oval midday on Wednesday, Aug. 20, students saw tents and tables, heard music playing and smelled free food as local businesses, churches and volunteer groups had the opportunity to meet students at the annual Community Fair. “I think it’s helpful,” said Marce Woods, sophomore in physical education. “[I like] receiving free stuff.” The event is put on by the Campus Activities Center with the organization’s assistant director, Eva Sager, spearheading the coordination of businesses and booths. “We really feel that it is important for our students to be aware of what is available in the community, whether it is businesses, church groups or service organizations,” Sager said….

89.9 FM relies on public support

| Marcus Clem reporter | For decades, KRPS 89.9 FM has served as the home of “Your World in Concert,” but these days, that world is a bit smaller, and more self-sufficient. The home of NPR for the Four-States Area, as well as the extended jazz, classical and blues slates of music that the station offers, is based in Pittsburg State’s Shirk Hall. It’s a professionally oriented and staffed radio station, and students can’t be counted as a reliable target audience, says Missi Kelly, KRPS general manager. “Typically, students discover NPR over their college career,” Kelly said. Sydney Ward, graduate student intern, says that student awareness can be a challenge. “They think of (the station)…

Studying how to study

Jay Benedict Collegio reporter One of the biggest challenges facing freshmen, and all students, is how to properly study and prepare for tests and papers. The Academic Success Workshop Series offers tips and tricks to help students tackle their academics. Sponsored by the Student Success Center in 113 Axe Library, the workshops start in late August and cover anything the academically concerned student could need. Each session builds off the last as the semester progresses, but each is specific enough to stand on its own merits. Here’s a rundown of what’s coming up this fall according to Student Success Counselor Ashley Wadell Build Your Personal Strategy for a Great Semester Wednesday, Aug. 27, and Thursday,…