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Smooth Bananas: A brief look into film scoring

Often when we watch films, the music is overlooked despite its integral position in the overall composition of the movie. Moviegoers first remember the actors in the movie, and then the director, but the composer of the film’s score is the last to be remembered, followed only by the technical …

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Rotten Bananas: ‘Dune’

Since the absolute flop of the first cinematic adaptation of Frank Herbert’s “Dune” in the 80s by David Lynch, many people in the pop culture sphere thought the ground-breaking sci-fi novel was impossible to bring to life in a pleasing package. This 2021 fall movie season has proven that myth …

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ROTC holds field training exercises in Neosho

Jordan Cullen, junior in nursing, shoots for his weapon qualifications at Camp Crowder on Oct. 22. The qualifications require shooting targets that pop up in different places in the range at varying ranges distances. Caleb Oswell ROTC cadets from PSU and WSU practiced their skills in field training exercises at …

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