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Families talk with food vendors as they get their meals at La Celebracion in the Cleveland Plaza on Sept. 15. La Celebracion is held by Hispanics of Today as a part of Hispanic Heritage Month Clarissa Worley

Hispanics of Today kick off Hispanic Heritage Month 

Curtis Meyer, reporter 

Thursday, Sept. 15, Hispanics of Today (HOT) celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with La Celebración.  

They set up several different tables serving a variety of Central and South American food.  

“Tonight is what we call ‘La Celebración,’ which is ‘the celebration,’ it’s just the kickoff for Hispanic Heritage Month and we are having students prepare food. They are either selling it, or just giving it out for free and we’re gonna have music,” said Racheal Ruiz, president of HOT.  

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, a nod to several South and Central American countries celebrating their Independence Day on September 15. HOT will be doing many different events throughout the month. 

Held at Cleveland Plaza, next to Horace Mann, the event was open to the public, with music and food being served. A great way to connect and get to experience Hispanic culture, it was also a way for local charities and organizations to get involved with students on campus.  

From rice to tacos to tres leches, a fluffy cake topped with fresh strawberries, or there was even classic chips and salsa. There were several other homemade Mexican dishes, including arroz con leche, a rice pudding. The arroz con leche was sold and the proceeds are going to Pittsburg Community Middle School.  

“It was really good, and different, since it’s from another country. It was really beautiful, it looked like Mexico, and I got really excited cause I am from South America too,” said foreign exchange student Ana Lousia. Ana, being from Brazil, was excited to experience some food that reminded her of home. 

You have to be Hispanic to be involved.  

“It’s welcome to anyone, you don’t have to be Hispanic to join the club, it’s just if you come to meetings, you participate in events, you’re in,” Ruiz said. “Just a way to honor our roots and experience Hispanic culture.” 

 HOT meets Thursday evenings at the Overman Student Center. All students are welcome to join. For those who wish to have an active role, HOT has plenty of events planned for Hispanic Heritage Month.  

“For Hispanic Heritage Month, we are doing this event to kickoff the month, then we are participating in the Hispanic Heritage Concert at McCray, next Saturday. Then we are also collaborating with Student Government Association, we are going to do a bowling night, with just HOT and SGA. Then we are going to have a food sale, beginning of October, that’s going to be on the oval, so that’s like our month,” Ruiz said.  

For more information on HOT, one can go to Gorilla Engage.  

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