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Women’s Rugby defeats Tulsa

The Women’s Rugby Club secured a victory over Tulsa by more than 50 points in a match on Saturday, April 13 in Oklahoma.   Vice president Mauresa Caire believes the teams good offensive during the match, teamwork, and their communication all contributed to their 67-15 victory.   “We did phenomenally honestly,” Caire said. “The first half of the game went extremely well. It was a completely …

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Ingredients:  Pie Crust  1 package of crispy store–bought chocolate chip cookies (such as Chips Ahoy! Original)  1 tablespoon dark brown sugar  1 tablespoon butter  Pie Filling  16 oz original or light cool whip  1 package of chocolate chip cookies  2 cups of your choice of milk   Toppings  Hot fudge  Chocolate …

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PSU’s Big Event continues annual community service

Roughly 500 students gathered to perform outdoor chores for nearly 100 homes across Pittsburg and Frontenac for Pitt State’s 16th annual Big Event.  The event began at 9:30 a.m. in the Weede Physical Education Building Saturday, April 14, where University President Steve Scott addressed and thanked the students before they were given their …

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