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‘Love Goes’ is a newfound sound for Sam Smith

Sam Smith has been known for their freewheeling yet nonthreatening pop sound. However, Smith has become something new with their new album.  The album, released by Capitol Records on Oct. 30, features 17 tracks of varying lengths within the range of two to five minutes and encompassing approximately 57 minutes. The …

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Christmas music is back again. Why does it keep returning?

Christmas music seems to be an ever-present monolith in our life the moment Halloween is over and not even COVID-19 can kill our obsession with the seasonal songs. Why on Earth do we instantly become enthralled with Christmas music after spooky time when a large swath of Christmas music isn’t even that good?  …

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Melanie C of the Spice Girls drops a much-needed throwback album

Melanie C, formerly known as Sporty Spice during her tenure in the Spice Girls, has released an album that blends electronica with pop sound.  The eponymous album, released by label Red Girl Media, is the English singer-songwriter’s eighth studio album and features 10 tracks, all approximately three minutes long. The album’s overall style uses disco and …

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Sufjan Stevens rises to a new level with “The Ascension”

The much-anticipated album from Sufjan Stevens, “The Ascension” dropped this week and it brings together Stevens’ style from the past and his aesthetic moving forward.  The album, released under the Asthmatic Kitty label, is the 45-year old indie artist’s eighth studio album and features 15 tracks of varying lengths. The album runs approximately …

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