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Kameron Marlowe sings and plays guitar as he perfoms at the Four States Music Festival on Sept. 16. Marlowe performed many songs from his newest album "We Were Cowboys." Bella Mezzacapo

Four States Music Festival held at Pittsburg State University 

Annabella Beachner photojournalist 

Social House Entertainment, in partnership with Freeman Health systems, hosted the Four States Music Festival on Friday, Sept 16. The concert featured a star-studded lineup as well as high attendance and reviews from students and community alike.  

The first Four States Music festival to be held in Pittsburg, Kansas, took place adjacent to the Bicknell Family Center for the Arts. The lineup featured performances by Chase Rice, Parmalee, Kameron Marlowe, Adam Doleac, among others. Social House Entertainment presented the event in coordination with Freeman Health System. 

“A lot goes into hosting an event like this,” said Joshua James, manager of Social House Entertainment. “There’s so many different teams that have to come together at the same time, and come together seamlessly. For an event of this size, we try to have it go off without a hitch. So we’ve got all of our star-studded lineup, Chase rice, Kameron Marlowe, Parmalee, all of our team in Nashville, and then our artist team, production team, food and beverage team, and we all come together seamlessly to put on a great concert for everyone who buys a ticket and comes in.” 

This festival was both for the community as well as for students. 

“I think it’s fun because it’s country music,” said Reese Hager, sophomore in marketing and management. “And it kinda brings people together and gets them dancing. My favorite part of the night has probably been just the music itself and listening to everything. I’m here with my mom, so it’s fun to have friends and family here all together.” 

James answered why they chose to have this event in Pittsburg.  

“The university,” James said. “The university does so much for this community, and we wanted to help increase student life excitement, and also partnering with Freeman Health System, they’re such a big staple of this community coming out of the pandemic. So, it made sense for them to decide ‘Hey, let’s do something fun, maybe a concert.’ also Black Cat and Crossland Construction, who built the beautiful Bicknell center right there, that we are utilizing for our artists and green rooms, and it just made sense for all of us to come together and do this.” 

Students were also hired to work at the festival. 

“It’s good to see such a great runout for something for Pitt State,” said Dawson Pomeroy, senior in general studies who worked the event. “It’s super busy. All the bartenders are trying to get accustomed to that and have fun so its been a good time.” 

James commented on Social House Entertainment’s likelihood to bring another event to Pitt State.  

“The owner of our company graduated from Chanute, Kansas, he’s from the 4 states area so obviously this is like coming home for him,” James said. “Our goal is to make this an annual thing. Year one, everybody’s gonna come here and then go back and tell 10 friends and buy tickets next year. Our goal is to get inside the stadium with, who knows, maybe Tim McGraw.”  

Chase Rice, of the lineup, first came to prominence in 2010 when he was a contestant on Survivor, and finished as a runner-up. Rice has received an Academy of Country Music Awards Nomination, as the new male vocalist of the year. One of his biggest hits, titled “Drinkin’ Beer, Talkin’ God, Amen” was released in 2021.  

“When I look around and see all the smiling faces. I look around and everyone is having such a great time, so I think that’s the most important thing,” James said, on his favorite part of the evening.  

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