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Student supporting TFI Family Services, young adults with donation drive

In 2018, there were an estimated 437,283 children in foster care according to Additionally, in 2018, 262,956 children entered the foster care system.   Ceceily Ford, senior in social work, is familiar with the foster care system.   “My youngest brother was adopted in 2017,” Ford said. “Although he was placed in …

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Poet Hyejung Kook Reads for Students, Staff, Alumni as Virtual Visiting Writer

While at Pitt State, many students and faculty will have the opportunity to hear or see world-renown workers and people in their field. English students had the opportunity via a virtual visiting writer poerty reading.   On the afternoon of Thursday, March 25. poet Hyejung Kook read a variety of poems via Zoom for students, faculty and former students …

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