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Vegetarian tater tot casserole

Ingredients:  1 bag frozen tater tots  1 can cream of mushroom  1 can cream of potato  1 can peas  1 can corn  1 block sharp cheddar cheese, shredded  dash salt  dash pepper  dash garlic powder  dash cayenne pepper  dash paprika  dash parsley     Instructions:  Before beginning, preheat the oven to …

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How to make a wig look like your natural hair

On those days when you want a protective style, or just a new look, wigs are a fun way to go. However, with wigs there can be hair that doesn’t look natural. Depending on where you buy your wig from, or if you make your own wig, the hair may …

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Drawing a line in the sand-wich

Munchy Mary food fighter Some food rivals are able to maintain their own dominions all the way across town from each other, while others have to spend their days across the street staring in and wondering what customer has betrayed them by going to the dark side that day. Subway …

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