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KTC hosts open house

Pittsburg State University hosted its annual Kansas Technology Center open house giving high school students as well as community college students the chance to explore possible career opportunities in technology. More than 700 high school students attended the event on Friday, Nov. 1.   PSU’s College of Technology faculty and students set up demonstrations and displays to share …

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Men’s Basketball begins 2019 season with exhibition game against KU

The men’s basketball team had their first game of the season on Thursday, Oct. 31. The Gorillas lost the exhibition game against the University of Kansas (KU) (42-102).   Head men’s basketball coach Kim Anderson thought the team didn’t play all that well in the game.   “I don’t think we played very well,” Anderson said. “I think …

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Athlete of the Week: Erika Ivkov

This week’s athlete of the week is senior in nursing Erika Ivkov.   Ivkov has been on the volleyball team for four years at Pitt State but began playing the year before entering high school.   Ivkov enjoys volleyball and playing with her teammates.   “I like the adrenaline rush,” Ivkov said. “I like that it’s a team sport and that you can’t do it independently. You have to work …

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