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Events to look out for

Pittsburg State University hosts a variety of events as school starts back up. Many events are geared towards new students, whether as an educational event or an opportunity to make friends. This year, Pitt State has many events in the first week of classes.  

Many organizations on Pitt State’s campus hold events to help new students learn how to be successful in aspects of college such as making friends, getting groceries and prepping food in the dorms, joining clubs and activities, and finding jobs. The Gorilla Activities Board (GAB) is an organization on campus that plans and hosts inclusive and unique events on campus for students. In the past they have brought a hypnotist to campus as well as one big back to school event that will be held this year as well. 

GAB is hosting the first back to school event, the Foam and Powder Paint Party, on Monday Aug. 16 in Lindburg Plaza. Lindburg Plaza is located directly outside of the dining hall on the south side of campus. This dance party is an event that GAB has hosted for the last several years. The event provides strobe lights, foam machines, and buckets of powder paint as well as a DJ, and helps students have fun, let loose before the semester begins, and make friends.  

On Tuesday, Aug. 17 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., the Oval will be full of businesses and organizations for the Community Fair. Many of these businesses will have giveaway items, coupons, and discounts available for their products. The Student Organization Far is on Wednesday, Aug. 18 between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. in the Oval.  With the same set up, this event will be held to give student organizations the opportunity to promote themselves and let new students know what to expect from them throughout the year. They also provide free food and plenty of giveaways. In the case of rain or severe weather, both of these events will be held in the ballrooms located upstairs in the Overman Student Center. 

On Wednesday, Aug. 18 starting at 7 p.m., the Residence Hall Assembly (RHA) is hosting Grocery BINGO in the Overman Student Center Ballrooms, where students living in the dorms can play BINGO for a chance to win free groceries. RHA is hosting this to help incoming students living in the dorms with groceries and understand easy food options for living in the dorms.  

The last event for the first week back will be Nacho Average Game Night, held by Campus Activities and Library Services on Friday, Aug. 20 at 7 p.m. This game night will be held in the U-Club, located downstairs in the Overman Student Center. The first 120 students to arrive to the event will receive free nachos and a drink. Those who win the game night and receive first, second, and third place will be awarded prizes.  

Student organizations work together to provide activities to keep students engaged and make sure students have fun during their time on campus.  

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