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Students Dress to Impress at the Career Clothes Closet

While in college, many students don’t think about packing business or formal attire before they travel to campus. The Career Clothes Closet offers a selection of formal attire for interviews.   

On Thursday, August 29th, the Career Clothes Closet hosted an open house for students to browse and see what the closet has to offer. The event took place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Career Clothes Closet, located on the second floor of the Horace Mann building in room 203.   

“(The) clothing is theirs to keep,” said Mindy Cloninger, Director of Career Services. “(The career closet has) professional clothing donated by faculty and staff, or people within the community for students to take for free.”  

They have a collection of suits, slacks, dress shirts, and other accessories and clothing that are offered to students so they will be prepared for any upcoming formal events that they may have to attend.  

“I’m looking for the most expensive thing that I cannot buy myself.” said freshman Caleb Pahl.  

Suits can be very expensive and as a college student, a lot of things pile up creating a busy schedule. Going to the Career Clothes Closet saves students time and money while giving them a professional look.  

“I need to dress up for the career expo,” said PSU Melanie Kuah. “My business professionalism teacher told me about this closet.”  

Students typically come in to get things for Company Day and the Career Expo, which are very large events on campus that students attend to look at upcoming job opportunities and possibly be interviewed. It is important that students look qualified for the position they are seeking.  

At the open house the Career Services staff directed students to know the procedure of the closet. Students are allowed three pieces of clothing to keep a semester.  

“Come check in, we will show you where everything is, and then you are free to look around,” Cloninger said.  

The Career Clothes Closet has been around on campus since February of 2011 and Cloninger says about “2,500 students have found items in the closet.” 

According to Cloninger, donations from the community come in every week, so the closet is constantly changing.  

“It’s just amazing how generous the people in the community have been to our students,” Cloninger said.   

It can be hard for students to find something that fits well and that is comfortable, but the staff is there to assist.  

“They feel that what they are wearing is appropriate,” Cloninger said.  

There are tons of clothing that gets cycled throughout the closet and many students successfully find the things they need. The staff is very helpful, and they want all students to be successful throughout their endeavors. Students should feel free to stop by the closet and look around, so when their next event comes up, they will be dressed to impress. Follow the Career Services Facebook page at Pittsburg State University Office of Career Services or on Instagram at psucareerservices.  

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