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Student Perspectives sale to benefit future opportunities

The Graphics Imaging Technology (GIT) department will place prints for sale from last semester’s Student Perspectives exhibit in the Bicknell Center Art Gallery to benefit student opportunities. The sale will take place Wednesday, Oct. 3, in the Overman Student Center in the Sunflower Room.  

All proceeds from the sale will benefit GIT students and provide further photography opportunities. The sale will include 45 total photography prints, all of which sold in one of three sections: small prints, 10 in. x 11 in., are $60; medium prints (which come in two sizes), 16 in. x 20 in. or 16 x 24 in, are $100; and large prints, 20 in. x 30 in., $160. 

“… The biggest intent is for it to be a fundraiser for GIT students,” Rion Huffman, GIT associate professor, said. “The other intent is to spread the GIT students’ work across campus … The intent all along was to eventually try to sell some of them … Every penny goes back to the students … But with the intention that if we make enough we’ll be able to give some students some really fantastic experiences … and maybe send some students to … some photography-related conferences or photography-related events. …”  

For many of the students involved in the art sale, this is their first time selling their own work. From this, these students have the opportunity to experience something new to them as well as a chance to learn and grow in their field. 

“… At least 40 to 50 percent of the students have already graduated,” Huffman said. “So, the students’ work that we’re selling, those students, a large part, aren’t actually here anymore … But I’ve already talked to most of those students who have graduated and all of them are excited about the opportunity of their work being shown, even if it is just on someone’s interior wall of their office, it’s exciting for them to know people like their work enough to want to display it—outside of the fact that they’ve already displayed it in a fantastic gallery. …” 

Alex Gourlay, senior in digital media, had four prints featured in the Student Perspectives exhibit, one of which was a Judge’s Choice entry. 

“I think it’s really fulfilling,” Gourlay said. “That’s one of the downsides of our major is where as you create a lot of practical pieces … it’s really hard until we get in the industry to really get a sense of fulfillment out of them because you like your things, it’s just that feeling that other people enjoy them, especially enough to buy a piece …” 

Gourlay said this opportunity has allowed him to gain experience and grow through assisting other students.  

“It’s honestly a great resume builder,” he said. “… It really reestablishes your sense as an artist. It really helps motivate yourself going forward. … I know I might not see the benefit of it but just knowing that one of my pieces could help the next down the line also really helps. … I like any opportunity we have as a student to give back … so just the fact that our students can help our own students out through our work just means a lot to me.” 

Prints that do not get sold are planned to hang up in the GIT department, on the second floor in photo labs, classrooms, and hallways. 

“… It’s important for people to know those prices are below MSRP,” Huffman said. “So like if you tried to just take a snapshot yourself and send it to Miller’s Professional Imaging and had them printed using the same techniques … you would actually pay more … So in affect people aren’t paying for the artwork, like you’re paying for the physical piece, you’re not paying for the time and effort that went into it like you typically would … And so we realize that the prices might seem kind of high to people, but they’re actually below cost for what they are…” 

The prints will only be available for purchase the day of the sale, though there is the possibility this may change. Anyone not able to attend the sale, and is interested in purchasing work, may contact Huffman at chuffman@pittstate.edu. Cash, check, and card will each be accepted at the sale. 

“I think it was such a great opportunity, I’m so thankful for it,” Gourlay said. “And especially it was good to see my work but it’s always so good to see the sense of satisfaction on your peers and knowing that they also get to be up there with you is one of the greatest feelings.” 

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