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Quick ranch twice-baked potato


1 Russet potato 

4 tbsp. sour cream 

½ cup shredded cheese 

2 tbsp. ranch dressing 

1 tbsp. chopped chives 



First, thoroughly wash your potato in running water to clean off all dirt before beginning the baking process. After the potato is clean and ready to bake, take a fork or sharp knife and poke holes all across one long, flat side of the potato so it can breathe when baking. In following, place the holey potato on a microwave safe plate and place in the microwave for about 10 minutes (depending on the strength of your microwave). 

Remove the potato from the microwave; it should be slightly soft to the touch—careful, as it will be extremely hot. Next, cut the top off the potato in an oval shape; using a spoon, remove the majority of the potato’s insides while leaving a somewhat thick, sturdy potato “bowl.” Place the potato insides in a separate bowl. 

Add the sour cream, shredded cheese, and ranch dressing to the potato insides. If desired, other optional additions to the insides include bacon bits, chives, chopped onions, and more. Mash together the potato insides mixture until mostly smooth; spoon back into the potato bowl, leaving some for placing on the removed potato “lid.” 

Place the potato bowl and lid back on the microwave safe plate; sprinkle more shredded cheese (any desired amount) on top of the loaded potato—also spoon another dollop of sour cream on top with chopped chives and bacon bits if desired. Replace in microwave for an additional 2 1/2 minutes. When removing the potato, the cheese should be melted on top and steaming—careful, as it will be hot yet again. 

Eat with your hands or a fork and enjoy this quick, tasty potato! 



For the past few months I have really wanted to cook with potatoes more, though I never had done so before, but I remember my mom had when I was growing up. I bought a couple potatoes the other day and tried to figure out what I could make with them with the ingredients I already had in my fridge; I remembered that twice-baked potatoes always seemed quite easy to master and create! 

I’m not one to take very much time on preparing food, cooking, baking, or really eating in general, so I knew that I was going to need to find a way to make this quick. Luckily, potatoes can be baked in the microwave just as well as the oven—and faster! 

I put my mind to work and tested myself to remember what I mom always put in her twice-baked potatoes and pulled it all out of the fridge—with my addition of ranch dressing, though, as in my opinion ranch makes everything better! I mashed it all together, stuck in in the microwave, and popped out a delicious potato creation all within about 15 minutes! 

For those who also love anything with potatoes—and especially those who maybe have never heard of twice-baked potatoes, as my roommates had not—this recipe is certainly one for you to try out this week! Not only is this potato creation easy, quick, and delicious, it’s also extremely cheap to make and the combinations of toppings/additions are endless! Also don’t be afraid to add less or more of certain toppings depending on your pickings—but don’t be too picky, eyeballing it is perfectly fine!  


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