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Survivors are being verbally and psychologically attacked during Sexual Assault Awareness Month and this needs to be stopped

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). A month to raise awareness of sexual assault and provide resources to survivors on reporting, care, and anything else one may need, as well as prevention resources. The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) website is promoting safe online spaces this month. The NSVRC is …

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The United States of America must move forward in all things

The United States has hit a wall and quite frankly, we’ve brought ourselves here. Centuries of oppressive systems have created a world where scientific study and personal experience reveals new information about the world and a basket of people begins screaming to stop it. How did we get here exactly? How …

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Sexism has gone on far too long in the music industry

The majority of music focuses on the idea of sex, sexual attraction, and sexual behavior. Some may have chill vibes and perhaps are seen as romantic, however, there are a variety of them that exploit the female body with inappropriate lyrics about women that can be considered derogatory. These songs are top hits, …

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Biden’s highspeed rail plan: the pros and cons

President Joseph Biden’s latest goal after the COVID-19 relief bill is infrastructure. This package, if passed, would cost approximately $2 trillion dollars. One of the big efforts in the bill is funding for a project that Biden has been invested in since his time as Vice President: high-speed rail. The package contains approximately …

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Derek Chauvin is finally on trial for the murder of George Floyd

On May 25, 2020 George Floyd was murdered by former police officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis, Minnesota. George Floyd allegedly used a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill at a Cup Foods store.  The events that followed Floyds alleged use of the counterfeit bill were outrageous and completely uncalled for. Derek Chauvin arrived on the scene …

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D.C. statehood must come to pass; our democracy depends on it

Since the 1970s, various movements to admit the District of Columbia as a new state to the Union have fallen flat. Continually, the city’s non-voting representative in the House of Representatives has introduced legislation that would start the process of statehood for D.C. In the modern era, the push for statehood may …

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