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Discrimination is not a religious freedom

The Equality Act has been introduced to amend the Civil Rights Act, introduced in 1964. Under the Civil Rights Act people are protected from discrimination on the basis of sex, however, the act does not include members of the LGBTQ+ community. The Equality Act will include protection from discrimination on the …

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Plastic potatoes are already genderless

Last week Hasbro announced the removal of gender from the classic “Mr. Potato Head toys.” Hasbro stated the Mr. Potato Head brand will be losing the “Mr.” for a genderless “Potato Head.” While many instantly became enraged that they would dare change a classic toy from their childhoods, Hasbro quickly …

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Deprogramming implicit bias is everyone’s job

At the confirmation hearing for Attorney General-designate Merrick Garland, United States Senator Joe Neely Kennedy asked Garland if implicit bias made him a racist. He went on to misunderstand, either genuinely or purposely, what implicit bias even is. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon issue with the rest of the American …

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The absolutely vital subject we need more of in schools: civics

Many people bemoan the fact that children aren’t being taught cursive or how to balance a check book in schools (news flash: those things are becoming obsolete), but the one thing that we never hear about in the ranking of school subjects: government education.  In most social studies curricula throughout the …

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People and pets should not be stuck outside in a winter storm

The weather the last few weeks has been dangerously cold. In fact, Meteorologist Doug Heady reported that the temperature the night of Monday, Feb. 15 were the coldest we have seen in a decade, with Pittsburg reported to be at -11 degrees Fahrenheit.   Between the many layers of ice, the below …

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