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Democrats’ naughtiest word: ‘affordable’

The two primary political parties, Democrats and Republicans, are often referred to as “liberal” and “conservative.” All this really boils down to is approaches to economic and social policy. The Democrats, the liberal party, is primarily concerned with larger government legislation that provides aid to the working poor, and civil …

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Letter to the Editor—Sexual Violence

Claire Hofstetter, PSU student   My name is Claire Hofstetter, and I am in the Intro to Women’s Studies class this year at PSU. For this class, I am doing a project about sexual violence. A lot of people and students may think they know exactly what sexual violence is (sexual assault and …

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Sexuality Education is important at all ages

In the last four days news has spread of Nebraska’s plan to update their Health Education Standards. Nebraska updated their Health Education Standards on March 4 to include beginning sexuality education in Kindergarten. It describes eight categories that are important for their health education. These categories are personal health, nutrition, physical activity, substance abuse …

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Discrimination is not a religious freedom

The Equality Act has been introduced to amend the Civil Rights Act, introduced in 1964. Under the Civil Rights Act people are protected from discrimination on the basis of sex, however, the act does not include members of the LGBTQ+ community. The Equality Act will include protection from discrimination on the …

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Plastic potatoes are already genderless

Last week Hasbro announced the removal of gender from the classic “Mr. Potato Head toys.” Hasbro stated the Mr. Potato Head brand will be losing the “Mr.” for a genderless “Potato Head.” While many instantly became enraged that they would dare change a classic toy from their childhoods, Hasbro quickly …

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