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Tips for navigating Canvas

For most incoming freshmen, they probably graduated from a school that used a learning management program. There are several different kinds of software out there. Some schools use Angel. Some schools use Blackboard. Pittsburg State University uses Canvas. Some students have used Canvas before, and some have not. A helpful list of tips and …

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Evolution isn’t ‘just a theory’ and that’s not up for debate

Even with all of our modern scientific advancements, even with all of our technological prowess, there are points of scientific fact that are “debated” by people who have no scientific knowledge or vocabulary. These usually involve topics that most religions get wrong. To any logical person, when you find evidence that contradicts your held …

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No, students aren’t learning critical race theory in schools

One of the newest culture wars manufactured by conservative politicians, anchors, and commentators is related to the “critical race theory.” The name itself can sound spooky and misleading (a hallmark of scientists – inability to name things), but don’t fall for the traps: critical race theory is not the issue. Historical accuracy is.   …

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Social constructs are everywhere and it’s time we realize that

There are few immutable facets of our modern life. Most things we think of as objective and set in stone are completely constructed entirely from collective experience as members of society.  Firstly, let’s start by stating what a social construct is. A social construct is any concept that is defined by a …

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