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Homemade crunch wrap supreme


2 tablespoons olive oil, divided 

1 pound ground beef 

1 package taco seasoning, 1.25 ounce bag 

4 flour tortillas, 12 inch 

1/2 cup nacho cheese 

4 tostada shells 

1/2 cup sour cream 

2 cups shredded lettuce 

1 Roma tomato, sliced 

1 cup shredded Mexican blend cheese 


Begin by heating one tablespoon of olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Once the skillet has heated up, add ground beef to it and cook the meat until it has browned. This should take approximately three to five minutes. Make sure to break up the beef as it cooks and stir in the taco seasoning. Drain any excess fat then set it aside. 

While the beef is cooking, take the time to heat up the tortillas. I generally heat them up in the microwave or oven according to the instructions on the package. At this time, also heat up the nacho cheese according to the package instructions.  

Once you have your ingredients ready and have shredded and chopped the vegetables, it’s time to assemble the wraps. 

Working them one at a time, place a large spoonful of the ground beef mixture in the center of each tortilla. Next, top the beef with nacho cheese (as much or as little as you like) and a tostada shell. Then spread the sour cream over the tostada shell in an even layer. Top the sour cream with the lettuce, tomato and cheese. Repeat the steps with the remaining tortillas. 

To fold the wraps, fold the edges of the tortillas up and over the center. Work your way around the tortilla, making sure to fold as tight as possible. 

To finish, heat the remaining olive oil in a large skillet. Place the wrap seam-down and cook it until the underside is golden brown. This may take approximately two minutes. Once one side is cooked, flip the wrap over and cook it for another one to two minutes.  

Take the wraps off the stove and enjoy hot! 


I have always loved the crunch wrap supreme at Taco Bell, and after seeing a video on Instagram of someone making one at home, I decided to also try and replicate it myself. This copycat version tastes great as well. I add the usual lettuce and tomato veggies, but you can add other vegetables if you’d like. I have tried adding grilled onions as well which tasted great. You can also alter this recipe if you’re vegetarian or vegan. You can substitute the meat with lentils and taco seasoning, and it still tastes great.  

You can dip your wrap in any hot sauce you may have at home. I sometimes even have left over Taco Bell sauce packets to use. 

If you struggle wrapping it or couldn’t find 12-inch tortillas, you can try crushing up the tostada shells so it’s easier to wrap. 

This recipe yields four wraps, but you can adjust the recipe to make as many or as few as you would like.  

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