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Opinion: Why you should join an organization  

Noah Hess reporter  

Everyone should join an organization. In high school, I wanted nothing to do with clubs or organizations at school. So instinctively I didn’t want to join an organization in college. But the problem was I wasn’t enjoying college. All I could think about was escaping back home as soon as the weekend hit.  

My dad noticed this pattern and suggested I join a group. So last spring I joined a small group and became the president of my dorms Community council. I didn’t know it yet but these two things had a massive impact on me. I started to feel more and more invested in Pitt State and it made college feel more like home.  

Though I am not currently in either of these groups. I learned from them and they gave me opportunities. It led me to join other organizations and get more involved on campus. I also know that these experiences will be crucial for future interviews, forming important connections, and becoming a more well rounded individual.  

When you’re applying for a job, it’s important to have a diverse resume. If you don’t it can come across as a lack of effort and makes you look self absorbed or lazy. If a hiring manager has to pick between two similar candidates they will choose the one that was involved in college. Because they know that person is more likely to be involved and invested into their company. It also looks really good to have some form of leadership in the organization. If your organization volunteers their time and invests in the community it can be that much more impactful on your resume.   

Another important part of joining an organization is the connections you make. Organizations are a great place to meet new people and get connected around campus. Not only is it nice to make new friends or be able to say hello to people walking around campus. But last year I met two different people who helped me get a job. I also know some of the connections I make now can help with future career success. It’s the old saying “It’s about who you know not what you know”. 

Finally, organizations make you a more well rounded individual. I learned a lot from the people I met in each organization. They exposed me to a different to different ideas and backgrounds. It’s so easy to just spend time with people you have almost everything in common with. But that’s not where growth happens. Growth comes from listening and learning from others. Hearing the perspectives of those that are wildly different from yours.   

College can get very busy quickly and I also know it can be scary joining a group. But I am sure any group would be happy to have new members, joining a group on Gorilla Engage is super easy and a great way to get started. They have groups for different religions, beliefs, activities, and volunteering opportunities. So try a new group, worst case you don’t like the group and you never have to go back again.   

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