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Student works to bridge the generational gap through exhibits  

Noah Hess reporter  

Rachel Bodine a senior in social work wants to spread awareness of her semester long project in her Macro Practice class, a social work class with the main focus of making a positive impact on the community. Bodine has put together an exhibit of a collection of photos and words of wisdom from an older generation, titled ‘A Wrinkle In Time.’ Bodine has created this in hopes of creating a better community and closing a social gap between generations.  

Some of Bodine’s inspiration came from realizing that with age comes new experiences, good and bad. Bodine’s grandfather was moved into a nursing home, which leaves a concern of experiencing loneliness and isolation. She realized this isn’t just an issue her family faces and wants to spread awareness of these struggles. Bodine’s exhibit gives previous generations a platform to spread knowledge and experiences through photos and quotes. 

“I have had a really good relationship with my grandparents throughout my entire life,” Bodine said. “They would pick my siblings and I up from school and take us to Wendy’s to get frosties or my grandma would braid my hair and she would make us pancakes any free moment that she had, I realized that they did alot for me and not a lot of people had that opportunity.” 

By reflecting her time with her gradparents and nursing home she volunteered at in highschool, she found that her and the older generation were not so different.  

“I always felt connected to them, I always felt it was easy to connect with them, I want to help them anyway I can’,” Bodine said. 

 Bodine said she hopes that sharing her experiences may make people more likely and willing to reach out and volunteer. 

The goal of Bodines exhibit is to inspire people to reach out to the previous generations because it’s all about making a change in the community. She even included a QR code to a google form to make it easier for participants in the exhibit to reach out to the community. The google form includes several links to volunteering opportunities.  

For anyone that comes to her museum has the opportunity to scan a QR code to win a giveaway. The prizes included a Pitt State hoodie made by student Hailey Horton, a gift card from Doggy Bag Resale shop, and een a fall gift basket. To have a chance to win all one has to do is go to the museum, scan the QR code on the flier and tag her in a photo of you volunteering in the community.  

 Bodine’s biggest takeaway from this project is how precious the previous generations are and how common it is for them to experience loneliness and how important it is for us to make a positive impact on their lives. Bodine feels like her career path is all thanks to her grandparents. She felt like their positive influence made her want to make a positive impact. “A Wrinkle In Time Exhibit” it will be on display from Oct. 20 to Oct. 31 in Porter Hall on the 2nd floor.  

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