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Taylor Swift DID break up with Joe Alwyn, and here’s why  

Megan Brownell photojournalist  

In the past few weeks, news recovered from celebrity news outlets stating that Taylor Swift and her long term relationship with Joe Alwyn had ended, that they broke up after being together in 2016. As a Swiftie, it was shocking news to hear, thinking they were soulmates and rumors they were secretly married have been around for some time now, so hearing this news it was astonishing. Entertainment News was the first to post about it, stating they had let the relationship run its course so it was a mutual breakup, and it explains why Alwyn has not been spotted at any shows of Taylors ongoing “The Era’s Tour.”  

Once the news broke, of course all fans denied it, especially since some were stating it was before her latest album “Midnights” when they wrote the song “Sweet Nothing” together and it was about the love of a long term relationship and the little things are so loving. It was for sure hard to believe, and everything seemed like they were just grasping at things for evidence and that they were making it up due to a slow news week.  

Well now that it’s been a few weeks since the rumors surfaced, more and more things are coming about that are making fans believe it, and that Alwyn may even have been the bad guy in the situation. At first, these news outlets were stating how their evidence was just that he had not been spotted at the Eras tour, but then certain outlets said both of their teams confirmed it. With this, fans started looking back at what she’s done on tour, and thought that maybe the setlist switch of “invisible string” to “the 1” was because of the breakup. Invisible string is about Joe, switching to “you could of been, the 1” showing a possible breakup. She was also pointed out to look like crying in some songs, especially ones about him or they wrote together.  

See Joe is also a very private person, he’s an actor but does not like the spotlight so their relationship itself has been very private and they keep to themselves, even stated in her song “Paris,” “romance is not dead, if you keep it just your’s…” Yet with this, ever since these rumors Swift has been spotted three times out in NYC, and she never is spotted by people unless she wants to be, possibly showing her breakup and that she won’t stay private anymore. She recently was spotted with friends Ryan Renoylds and Blake Lively, and not too long after they unfollowed Alwyn, along with all of Swift’s friends and family. Alwyn is also currently filming in Liverpool, and one of his co-stars posted a photo with him during these rumors. With this, people quickly led to thinking he cheated on Swift.  

Though none of this has been confirmed by Taylor, she has left subtle hints like her “easter eggs” she likes to leave hinting at the breakup. At her last weekend shows, she sings two surprise songs each night. One she sang “A Place In This World,” stating she’s alone and on her own, and she told the audience she relates even more to this song, which can show she’s single now.  

The major reason as to why the break of (could of) happened is now Joe could not deal with Swift’s fame. When they got together, most of the world was against Taylor before her reputation album with the drama with Kanye West. Now she is extremely popular, and they have kept a private life but with her fame that was not really possible. Alwyn knew this, and over time they just grew apart and personalities clashed.  

As a Swiftie myself, I do believe most of these theories fans have put out, with the unfollowing being a main factor to believe, especially with all of her appearances lately. Even if they are true or not, I hope Taylor is doing alright being on tour, possibly going through an almost seven year relationship breakup. I do know for sure if it’s true, the next album is going to be amazing.  

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