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Some things to follow when you are in your 20s 

Himika Akram reporter  

When people hit their 20s, they start getting worried about lots of things around them. Since it’s the beginning of adulthood, this is the best time when you can do something which can serve your best interest in the long run. Based on my experience and observations, I have shortlisted some which might help people who are in their early 20s. 

Be good at something 

The importance of which we all are aware of in the back of our head, but we do not take it seriously. There must be something which you just love doing. It could be painting, photography, writing, any kind of sports, cooking, decorating your home, indoor planting, gardening, playing a musical instrument, something must be there. If after spending some days on one hobby, you lose interest, pick another one. Be extremely good at it. It can never go wasted. Not only is it a great stress-reliever, but also, who knows, in future it might be an alternative source of income for you. Find people who have interest in a similar topic, exchange your ideas with them, explore more be as good as possible. Trust me, when you are in your 30s, you will feel more positive than the other people around you, if you invest your time and energy in something you are really good at.  

Learn a New Language 

Enough of scrolling through social media. What does it give you other than jealousy, and self-comparison to other people and spreading fake happiness? Take a break from social media and utilize that time to learn a new language. There’s no end to the benefit of it. It’s not only fun to learn a new language, but it can also add great value to your profile when you apply for a job. It’s a great exercise for your brain, and also enriches our knowledge of other cultures, teaches us to be more respectful towards diversity. 

Invest time and money on a professional skill 

There are some skills you can learn professionally, and they can never go wrong. In this digital era, tons of courses are available online for those who even give certificates. Utilize those platforms and work on some skills which would profoundly enrich your profile. For example, graphics design, photoshop, advanced excel skills, coding investing in these skillsets would only benefit you. Having certifications adds professional gravity to it. If spending money is not an option you can even Youtube and learn the basics. Once you learn the basics, you can explore yourself and enrich your knowledge of that particular skill. 

Stop stressing about finding a special person 

This is something you cannot chase. At the right time it would come to you but running after it and leaving long sighs on every valentine’s day that you have nobody, is never going to help. 20s are just the beginning of real life. Your entire life is waiting to find someone special. Don’t rush it because all of your friends are in a relationship. Enjoy the stress-free single life as long as you can. It looks all rosy from the outside but once you are into a relationship, it would have lots of toxicity, burden of somebody else’s expectation, heartbreaks, ego and all of that. Then you might even regret losing your single life. And don’t forget, being in a relationship might be expensive too! 

Build the habit of saving 

After the student life is over, you would get a full-fledged job, and start earning money. All of a sudden many of us get that freedom and financial space and lose control over our finances. Spend less than what you earn. Something easy to say but how many of us actually practice it? We do not need the latest model of everything eat simply, live simply spend the least on booze. Be satisfied with little possessions. Stop that habit of changing cars every 6 months. Keep track of your money, prepare a monthly budget and at the end of each month check where did you saved or spent extra? The months you can save a certain amount reward yourself by getting a special meal. Don’t be stingy but don’t be extravagant. The sooner you start the habit of savings, the better. Finally, in my religion, we believe, whatever goal you have in your mind to save your money, it somehow comes true. So, make sure your goal is something beautiful. Something like “if I can save this much money, I would travel such and such destinations.” Dream big, work hard and save enough money to achieve that dream. 

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