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Guest Column: Campus Improvements 

Max Caldwell, student

Pittsburg State University has a nice campus. But every campus can use improvements. In this letter I have written out a few thoughts I had while walking to brunch this morning. I love Pitt State, but these things have frustrated me during my time here as a student. 

Drainage on campus seems to be lacking. Every time it rains, puddles form in areas near the oval that cannot drain. This drowns the grass and turns the area into a miniature swamp. It also dirties the concrete and makes the area look unappealing. The place that comes to mind for me is right in front of Whitesitt Hall. There are also areas such as between Horace Mann and the Catholic student center, or between Bowen Hall and the Axe Library, that flood and are a mess to walk through. These areas both have had some band-aid fixes applied, such as a metal grate by Bowen and asphalt in the potholes by Horace Mann, but these fixes are not working. At least not anymore. 

I know I have been vague about the specific location of these problems, but a walk around campus would reveal them and more after a nice rainstorm. I do not have any proper solutions for these problems, but the civil engineering students on campus would be interested in solving these issues. 

The greenery on campus could also use some work. There are areas by sidewalks and buildings that have dead grass or are poorly maintained due to their odd shapes and proximity to other things. I think these small, wasted areas should become small flower gardens. They do not have to be a high maintenance garden, just grow some grasses or minimal maintenance flowers. Nothing fancy, but better than small dead areas. Something like Creeping Phlox or Hens-And-Chicks. 

There are picnic benches and bike racks scattered around campus. These are great, but some could use maintenance. The areas they sit on are not level and twist the metal awkwardly, or the wood is starting to rot. Moving them to mow the grass I doubt is much fun, so maybe put them on gravel or mulch? The bike racks of course would need to be secured into the ground to prevent theft. That would set them apart in the landscape some and bring in some more color, as well as being slightly easier to maintain. 

Constant improvement sets us apart the best from the rest. The status quo kills slowly. This is a hastily made open letter, and I would encourage revisions, additions, criticism, and thought. I hope that this letter reaches open minds and that improvements are made to make campus life better for us all. 

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