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Fresno Night-Walkers: friend or foe? 

Curtis Meyer reporter 

Today I would like to bring to your attention a most peculiar creature, one that is shrouded in mystery, and has unknown intentions. The Fresno Night-Walkers were first seen by the modern world when a man’s security camera caught footage of the creatures as they walked across the yard.  

The nightwalkers look very strange, all white, with a single pair of legs. Where on a human there would be a torso, the nightwalkers have a single, round head. You can find the grainy footage of them online quite easily, and looking at it you can see how the nightwalkers closely resemble a pair of pants.  

Despite this hilarious description, the slow, methodical method of motion the nightwalkers employ is unnatural. With a slow, stomping motion, one wonders what the night-crawlers purpose could be.  

There are many theories floating around as to what the night-crawlers really are. Many believe the video to be an elaborate hoax, with clever editing. The original video came out in the 1990s, and in 2010 the Syfy Channel’s “Fact or Faked” show did a segment on it. The show concluded that the original night-walker footage was unaltered, meaning it could very well be real.  

The most prevalent theory is that the night-crawlers are a species of alien, non-threatening. Despite multiple videos catching footage of these creatures, there have been no verifiable firsthand encounters.  

This has led some to believe the nightcrawlers are not aliens, but paranormal beings. Of course, this is all conjecture, since the severe lack of evidence leaves the nightwalkers shrouded in mystery.  

However, the night-walkers peculiar gait has led most people to believe that the nightwalker is a nonthreatening extraterrestrial, some sort of insectoid. Now, this does little to shed light on their purpose in suburban backyards in Fresno.  

Immediately following the original footage, there was a lot of silence regarding the nightwalkers. No encounters, no realistic footage, and no physical evidence. Until 2011 that is. Yosemite Park rangers put up a security camera to catch trespassers, but they found more than they bargained for.  

In much clearer footage, you can see two nightwalkers traveling slowly down the hill, passing directly in front of the camera. Singularly focused on their destination, the nightwalkers walk in and out of the camera’s view without leaving a trace.  

These strange creatures only seem to travel in pairs, usually with one larger than the other. A mate or child pair, but until we catch one, we will never really know. They also seem to prefer the dark, never having been seen in the light of day.  

While they are a mystery to the modern world, many Native American tribes in the Fresno area are not surprised at the night-walkers appearance. They claim that these nightwalkers have been here much longer than humans since the world began.  

The long, thin legs are for traversing swamps, as these legends claim that the night-watchers are swamp-world beings who live in boggy conditions. The nightwalkers have traveled to this world to establish peace between humans and the natural world. 

Despite these legends, the nightwalkers thus far have not made any attempts to directly contact humans. Whether you unbelievably, the Native American stories serve to add credit to the security footage claims of authenticity.  

We don’t know if the nightwalkers are galaxy hopping wanderers sent to study humans or beings from the swamp world sent to help us bring peace with nature. Perhaps they are both.  

If you happen to be walking around one night and see a creature with skeletal thin legs, chances are you aren’t in danger. Of course, we can’t rule out the possibility of the nightwalkers being the scouting force of some sort of alien invasion.  

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