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Women’s Basketball loses winning streak against Central, rebounds with win over Newman 

Curtis Meyer reporter 

The Gorillas had their winning streak snapped by a loss to the number 7 ranked Central Missouri Jennies. They were unable to outscore the Jennies in the final quarter of play despite only being down four points. It wasn’t all doom and gloom, as they were able to rebound thanks to a win over Newman. 

Pitt State had a slight advantage in the first quarter, in a game that was very back and forth. Tied at 4 points apiece three minutes into the 1st, Pitt State found some offense to take a 11-6 lead just a minute later.  

Central Missouri responded, cutting the lead to 11-10 with 4:17 left. The Gorillas refused to give up the lead, refusing to give up the lead for the remainder of the half, taking a slim 18-16 lead into the next quarter. 

The Gorillas held onto their slight edge for the beginning of the second quarter, maintaining a slim five point lead well into the quarter with a 28-23 lead with 6:40 remaining. It was a stalemate of sorts, as the Gorillas could not find a way to pull away from the Jennies, but refused to give up the lead.  

With a 36-32 lead at 2:38, the Jennies defense clamped down. Scoring two points at 1:40 and another two with just 8 seconds left, the stalemate was locked at 36 points apiece going into halftime.  

The third quarter was very much back forth, with 7 lead changes. The Jennies opened scoring, but Pitt State took it right back just 15 seconds later. Battling back and forth, the Gorillas took a two point lead with 4:28 left, but it was their final lead of the half. The Gorillas had it tied up at 51 with 2:13 left, but the Jennies scored seven to the Gorillas three to take a 56-52 lead as time expired.  

The fourth quarter was the end of the stalemate, as Central Missouri found a way to build a 10-point lead early and never looked back. Pitt State was never able to bring it closer than within seven points at 3:50, as the Gorillas saw their seven-game winning streak come to an end, losing 80-68.  

The Gorillas then turned to face Lincoln, whom they beat at home earlier in the season. It was a strong performance for the Gorillas, who fought through what was a close game. The Blue Tigers opened up scoring, but it was tied quickly by Pitt State. 

Holding an 11-10 lead with 5:36 left, Pitt State grew it to a 5 point lead before the Blue Tigers bounced back. Tying it at 17 apiece with 2:55 remaining, Lincoln outscored the Gorillas 8-2 to finish out the quarter with a 25-19 lead.  

Though holding the lead early in the second, Lincoln could not hold off the Gorillas, as they battled back to tie it at 30 with 4:50 left in the quarter. Scoring first after the tie, Pitt State tied it again at 36 with just 1:25 left. A late free throw gave the Gorillas the 37-36 lead going into halftime.  

The Gorillas held onto the lead for most of the third, despite Lincoln scoring first to take the lead. Though Lincoln was able to tie the game 3 times in the third, the Gorillas did not let them come back in, holding a 61-56 lead after a last second jumper by freshman guard Harper Schreiner.  

Armed with the five point lead in the fourth, Pitt State kept the game out of reach of the Blue Tigers, never letting it come closer than 63-60 with 8:42 left in the game. The Gorillas left Lincoln with a 86-78 win, behind an outstanding combined 61 points from Schreiner and sophomore Karenna Gerber.  

Pitt State will host rival Missouri Southern at home on Feb. 11.  

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