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Rishabh Srievesdava, freshman in material sciences, and Akshay Chaudhari, graduate student in physics, paint seashells together at the Welcome Back Beach Fair on Aug. 31. The fair provided activities as well as food for students who attended the event. Robert Bustamante

Axe Library holds beach-themed resource fair 

Dominic Santiago, reporter 

Axe Library held its annual beach-themed resource fair on Aug. 31. The event was held near the front entrance to the library and featured booths for Student Success, Student for Violence Prevention, and other resources that are available for students through Axe Library. 

The library houses many resources that are designed to help students beyond accessing books and articles. The welcome back beach fair provided an opportunity for students to learn about the ways that the library can help them during their academic careers. 

“So, it’s an event that we try and do every fall semester to welcome some of those same students that we just saw for Pitt Cares during the summer,” said Jorge Leon, learning outreach librarian at the Axe Library. “We want to welcome first-year students and others that probably have escaped for the summer and don’t remember about some of our services.” 

Leon talked about the importance of students knowing about library services. 

“We have everybody from our writing center student success to even the student organizations that represent the gender Resource Center downstairs,” Leon said. “So, I think it’s important that students understand how big of a resource the library can be.” 

According to Leon, recent renovations and repairs made to the building contributed to the need for the event to take place this year. 

“We have had various themes over the years,” Leon said. “We have various games that just promote spaces and partners in the library. We knew early on this time that we have had a lot of renovations, and we wanted the students not to get lost inside the building with all four floors.” 

New students enrolled in Gorilla Gateway will learn about library services throughout the semester, but Leon wants to inform students early in the semester so that they will know what services are available in the building. 

“Students will get information as they go through the year, but this is a good opportunity to see that friendly face that person that they might walk into one of those services then go ‘Oh, I saw you at the event’ and know that we are here to help,” Leon said. 

Axe Library will hold events throughout the semester ranging from formal lectures to casual study nights. 

“We will have late-night and extended hours events from some of our other partners who can talk to them about the writing,” Leon said. “We will also have lectures and other activities going on in the library this semester.” 

One service offered in Axe Library is the Student Success Center. The office is located on the first floor of the building and is tasked with helping students that are struggling in their classes for any reason. 

“We have tutors that are available if you need help with a subject,” said Emily Regier, graduate student in education and assistant at the Student Success Center. “We also will have our academic success workshops every Wednesday and Thursday during the semester. Another service we offer is accommodations. So, if you need support animals, extra testing time, or anything like that we can help support you and help you get that set up.” 

Leon emphasized the welcoming environment the library aims to have. He talked about how willing faculty members are there to help students access the services available to them. 

“Just walk in. Just walk in and for the student that doesn’t know where to start, feel free to walk in and we will give you the 30-second elevator spiel or we will walk you around,” Leon said. 

To learn more about library services, visit axe.pittstate.edu 

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