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Why Christmas is celebrated Nov. 1- Dec. 25th

We are approaching Thanksgiving Break and soon enough Black Friday brings on the holiday season.  Though many people say that is what brings celebrating Christmas, with snow, listening to Christmas music, decorating, and making Christmas cookies. Yet, that is not how celebrating Christmas should be done.

Even though Thanksgiving is a great holiday, and trust me, I love feasting on some good food and seeing my family as much as the next person, Thanksgiving is really a holiday that stands to be celebrated on that one singular day, and not have a whole season or month full of celebration.

Thanksgiving doesn’t have fun songs to get you into the spirit and the decorations are just boring, and only screams fall. Yeah, fall’s great and I love it and being able to sip a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks and listen to Taylor Swift’s “Red (Taylors Version)” while watching the red and orange leaves fall. But, once Halloween passes and Starbucks brings back peppermint mochas, I get into my holiday vibes.

Decorating is my favorite part, and personally I already put up a little Christmas tree in my dorm room. Decorating is so much fun from putting up millions of colorful lights outside your home showing candy canes, snowmen, and Santa Clause.

With Thanksgiving, there aren’t any fun lights inside or outside. With Christmas, there are even more to that with the wonders of a Christmas tree, showing fun ornaments and even the joys of home-made ones from elementary school giving childhood memories. Thanksgiving only has boring leaves, pumpkins and turkeys, leaving no joy in decorating.

Another thing about the joys of Christmas is the big long break leading up to it. With Thanksgiving, you only get one day before and one day after before returning to school, giving no room to get excited for it, just enough time to cook yummy food and get family there. With Christmas, oftentimes people get out of school a week or more before the holiday, giving so much more anticipation to the holiday and being able to do fun activities like shop, decorate, bake, and get ready for Christmas with your family.

November itself is just very run down, after going hard from Halloween people want nothing more than to just move on to the next season, pushing Thanksgiving aside. For me, once October ends I am ready for winter as the semester winds down and maybe a few flakes of snow, which 100% means it’s time for Christmas.

In conclusion, Thanksgiving really isn’t forgotten about, it just isn’t a holiday that is fun to celebrate for more than one day. It doesn’t have that fun sense of decorating and music leading up to it, which gives Christmas that almost two month spotlight. Christmas gets its start on Nov. 1, as it has so much more in store to celebrate for more than just one day, as it proves as there is a Christmas eve and day.

So, put up those Christmas trees, listen to some Mariah Carey, wear sweaters sipping hot chocolate by the fire, and just take a day break for turkey and family.

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