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PSU crowns 2021 homecoming royalty

Becca Brown, senior in nursing representing Alpha Sigma Alpha, and Sam Eddington, senior in biology representing the Honors College Association, are congratulated by 2020’s Homecoming Queen, Camille Holman, for winning Homecoming Royalty after Yell Like Hell performances on Oct. 14. Libby Davis

During homecoming week, in the middle of the excitement of “Yell Like Hell,” the homecoming committee announced this year’s homecoming royalty. 

Those announced were, second attendants Sydney Martinez and Isaias Olson, first attendants Marci Heatherly and Cale Chapman, queen Becca Brown, and king Samuel Eddington. 

The whole week was filled with excitement for all the top 12 candidates, with different homecoming activities for the candidates to enjoy. 

“With nothing really happening last year, it was really fun to be able to do homecoming activities this year, my favorite (event) being getting a stuffed gorilla at kickoff on Monday,” said Sam Eddington, senior in biology. 

Becca Brown, senior in nursing, commented on how the experience will be very rememberable for her.

“It was so amazing to experience, people were posting about voting for me, and random people would come up and say hello to me, I felt really important and it’s something I won’t forget,” Brown said.

Throughout the week, the big day was “Yell Like Hell” on Thursday, where the winners of the homecoming royalty voting were announced.

“Going into it, I was trying to tell myself to not be nervous, and that everyone was super deserving and that, win or lose, I was honored,” Eddington said. 

Brown said that she felt very similar, as she performed with her organization, Alpha Sigma Alpha (ASA) at Yell Like Hell, adding that stress factor to her day.

“All day I was more nervous for our ‘Yell Like Hell’ routine… it wasn’t until after when I was changing that I got super nervous about crowning,” Brown said. 

As well as Brown winning queen, she won Yell Like Hell with ASA. This was the seventh time the sorority has won in the past eight years. 

“It is great that my sorority has been able to do this, and that I have gotten to know each queen personally…the best part was last year’s queen was my ‘big’ (mentor in the sorority) and being crowned by her was the best ending to the week,” Brown said. 

Both the King and Queen were surprised to hear their names called but were very happy and proud that they were able to represent their organizations as homecoming royalty. 

“It was super neat hearing my name announced,” Eddington said. “Everyone had been so supportive and hearing my parents screaming in the stands was the best part.” 

The whole week was a great bonding experience for the 12 candidates, and they all got super close, even having somewhat of an inside joke. 

“After my interview for top 12, I wanted to do something so they would remember me, so in leaving I turned around and shouted ‘Go-Rillas,’ and honestly I believe that’s why I made top 12, and we all made jokes about it,” Brown said. 

After a great homecoming week, both Eddington and Brown are excited to represent PSU throughout the year.

“I guess we get to judge an apple pie eating contest on ‘Apple Day,” Eddington said. “I’m looking forward to that and coming back to Pitt next year to crown the next King.” 

Both are eager to represent Pitt the rest of this year and hope to leave a positive impact on everyone and to always represent being a PSU gorilla.

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