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PSU busts a move

Abbie Diano, freshman in exercise science, and Anna Holmer, sophomore in exercise science, strike the ending pose to the choreography they learned at Dance Professional Club’s hip-hop master class on Wednesday, Sept. 29. Libby Davis

Pittsburg State University’s Dance Professionals Club (DPC) is offering opportunities for any PSU student to learn and enjoy the art of dance, no matter their level of skill or previous experience.

“The main goal for the DPC is to help students (and the community) interested in dancing continue to grow and learn in their dance goals,” said Janice Jewett, PSU HHPR professor and DPC primary advisor. “(These goals) can be just dancing for physical activity and enjoyment, learning a new skill or dance style, practicing how to audition or learning more about professional opportunities in the dance world.”

The DPC is a new club on PSU’s campus in its second year. Previously PSU had a ‘Dance Club’ that was founded back in 2010, but they did not re-register as an organized club in the Fall of 2020. 

“The members of the previous Dance Club graduated and moved on, so that club ended. However, goals (in DPC) are similar, but with a different approach and focus,” Jewett said.

DPC currently offers many opportunities to dance-loving students and plans to add even more.

“We have plans to do some community performances, attend a conference, and host some really fun activities,” said Elizabeth Hayes, graduate assistant in health and human performance and president of DPC. “The club will be involved with the Dance Symposium in the Spring and will be participating in Homecoming next academic year.”

The most recent event DPC hosted was a hip-hop master class presented by Elizabeth Hayes. With her well over a decade of dance experience, Hayes taught participants choreography to the song “Lose Control” by Missy Elliot while also teaching some basic rules of hip-hop. 

“This master class has been my favorite part of DPC so far,” said Neal Zoglmann, junior in education. “It was both challenging and fun to learn. I am excited for more of these and other events that we might do!”

With already a good crowd showing up to their events, DPC is eager to welcome more members or participants.

“Anyone can join. You don’t have to be able to dance. The club is for everyone that likes to move, put on fun events and meet new people,” Hayes said.

DPC offers meetings or dance classes every other week. More information can be found on their Gorilla Engage page. 

Along with recreation-based activities, DPC also encourages more professional takes.

“We designed the Dance Professionals Club with the intent that it would offer more professional opportunities for students such as mock auditions, philosophical discussions on dance and resume’ development, etc., as well as opportunities to perform and grow in the dance world,” Jewett said.

No matter what experience or skill one has, DPC has something for everyone.

 “The DPC is in its early stages of development though and will most likely change and adapt with the interests of the members and the elected leaders,” Jewett said. “It’s truly an exciting time to be a member of the Dance Professionals Club and all students (regardless of their dance experience – from beginners to advanced) are invited to join this active and fun club!”

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