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Hannah Zerr & Audriana Angeles, both entering their senior year at Pittsburg State, enjoying Axe Library's new booth seating as they spend their morning studying for the MCAT.

Leonard H. Axe Library offers valuable services to incoming students

The Leonard H. Axe is a monument of knowledge on Pittsburg State University’s campus. The library is a valuable resource for incoming freshmen to learn about and use to be successful in their studies. 

The Leonard H. Axe Library first and foremost operates as a library. Students with a valid PSU ID are allowed to check out a number of resources from the library. Many required textbooks are available for checking out from the library. However, these textbooks typically have a check out limit because they have a limited number of copies shared between many students. The library offers textbooks on vast span of subjects, and it uses the same organization system as other libraries, the Dewey Decimal System. The library has several floors each with shelves filled with books on a multitude of topics for every major. 

On the first floor of the library, there are both empty tables and tables with rows of computers that students are allowed to use by logging in with their GUS ID and password. These computers are also useful for the ability to print from them. Pittsburg State uses a system called GUSPrint that allows students to print from anywhere. Students can send their documents for printing to a queue and unlock it from the queue to print by paying through Banana Bucks, a payment system found in GUS that is entirely digital. 

The library has also been going through a series of renovations, now in its sixth phase. Renovations have included such things as more seating, more private study areas, more access to the Axe Grind coffee shop, acoustical tiles, and more. 

There are two offices in the Leonard H. Axe Library that students can take advantage of. These academic services are the Writing Center and Student Success Programs. 

The Writing Center is a resource for students who need help with writing for a variety of purposes. Students are able to schedule an appointment online or the office also accepts walk-ins. They offer writing help on papers for a variety of subjects, graduate theses, resumes and cover letters for job placements, and more. The Writing Center’s hours of operation during the academic year are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. between Monday and Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, and 12 to 5 p.m. on Sunday. 

Student Success Programs is a great resource for students to make sure they are successful from start to finish during their time at Pittsburg State University. They offer workshops on a variety of topics related to campus life including successful study strategies, getting more out of textbooks, note-taking strategies, connecting and communicating with professors, time management, research tips, planning for Finals Week, managing stress, managing finances, and more. 

Whether a student needs help academically, or they need to check out a book for class or for leisure, the Leonard H. Axe Library can help incoming freshmen be successful studying at Pittsburg State. 

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