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Media production students win awards

Each year, Pittsburg State University and every college across Kansas compete in the Kansas Association of Broadcasters. PSU students submitted their original works in February in various categories to be judged. Out of over 200 entries, PSU won thirteen different titles including five first place winners, four second place awards, and two honorable mentions. 

Chih Chieh Chang, senior in communication, submitted a short film he had been working on over the semester and placed second in the entertainment program category. 

“As an international student, I feel really honored that my work was recognized in the U.S.,” Chang said. “I’ve been in media production for the last three years, so I feel especially proud to have the opportunity to represent Pitt State and win this award.” 

Kat Bailey, graduate student in media production, entered works in the television-based categories entertainment program as well as station promotion announcement, and won first place in both categories. 

“It feels awesome to have your hard work recognized,” Bailey said. “I really put my all into both of the pieces that were entered, so for a panel of judges to not only recognize that I put so much time and effort into it, but to also believe it was worthy of first place feels very special and affirming.” 

Troy Comeau, director of media production, encourages his students to participate in these competitions every year. 

“Pittsburg State has consistently been recognized as one of the best places in the state to study media production and competitions like this give validity to that fact,” Comeau said. “It is important to know not only how our students stack up against students from around the state, but also for our students to feel that what they are producing is award winning material.” 

First place winners include: Audry Elmore from Grove, Oklahoma, promotional audio/video; Sean Gordon from Joplin, Missouri, graduate documentary; Caleb Wuthnow from Newton, Kansas, station promotion announcement; Emma Kathleen Bailey, Pittsburg, graduate station promotion announcement and entertainment program; and Joel Viets, Frontenac, Kansas, 60 second radio PSA.  

Second place winners include: Cale Chapman from Mission, Kansas, 60 second video PSA; Chih Chieh Chang from Taipei, Republic of China (Taiwan), entertainment program; Liberty Vogel from Pittsburg, Kansas, 60 second radio PSA; Shelby White from Pittsburg, Kansas, sports play-by-play.  

Honorable mention awards include: Tyler Godwin from Haysville, Kansas, sports play-by-play; Ty Goss, documentary; Pride Leggins from Lawrence, Kansas, 60 second radio PSA; Ivan Walter, sports play-by-play and documentary. 

“I love to see my students succeed, not only by winning awards, but also in life,” Comeau said. “That winning comes in different ways. While I (was) quick to brag on my former students and the jobs they currently hold, some have become just as happy by raising a family or taking care of loved ones. Basically, I just love to see my students and alumni happy with the life they choose to lead.”  

First and second place winners will advance to national competition in May.  

Learn more about the Media Production emphasis at http://www.pittstate.edu/communication/. 

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