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RHA welcomes spring with egg hunt

As the weather begins to warm up for Spring, many on-campus groups are beginning to host activities and events outdoors to enjoy the weather and for the ease of social distancing during the pandemic. One group that took advantage of the warm weather was the Residence Hall Assembly (RHA), who hosted a Spring Egg Hunt from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., Tuesday March 30 at the Oval on campus. 

“I feel like a kid again,” said Kara Stewart, sophomore in elementary education, who attended the egg hunt. “Searching for the eggs has been quite interesting. It was fun to get outside, walk around, and meet new people.” 

The hunt included three prize levels with various prizes at each level. For every 10 small eggs with a marked RHA piece of paper, participants would receive a small gift bag with candy. Those who found a rubber duck would receive a medium prize bag with candy and other gifts. There were also an elusive three banana trophies, which could be turned in for one of three grand prize gift baskets. The eggs were then distributed around the oval to be found by participants. 

“There’s a special events group… so we planned over a couple meetings what our big prizes would be followed by smaller prizes so we could get more involvement,” said Katlin Rhodenbaugh, member of RHA’s special events committee. “Then we had eggs with RHA and bought prizes so if you got a big banana prize you got big one which were a laundry bag, room décor bag, or movie bag.”  

Although the event was hosted by the RHA, all students could participate regardless of their living situation. Alli Gregg, senior in psychology, works as a resident assistant in the dorms and thought the event was a good way for students to meet each other.  

“It’s cool to see, it’s cool to meet other people from your building who maybe don’t live on the same floor, or through RHA you get to meet people from the other buildings too, so if you’re looking for people to meet this is a good way to do it,” Gregg said. “I thought this would be fun and it’s beautiful outside.” 

Rhodenbaugh also hoped the event would be an opportunity for community growth among students. 

“It builds community with us all, because most of the students here today you may not see on campus or if you do see them you may say ‘hey, what’s up’ so this is a good community build,” Rhodenbaugh said. 

The event was planned with COVID-19 safety in mind. 

“You pick up your own (eggs), we have hand sanitizer and wipes available, everything was pre-packaged,” Rhodenbaugh said. “That way there’s not as many people touching everything involved in the event.” 

Stewart felt the event was safe as being outdoors provided space to practice social distancing. 

“It’s outside so everyone’s spread around and nobody is right next to each other, we’re all six feet apart,” Stewart said. 

Gregg felt that it was encouraging for students to be able to participate in events like these, despite the pandemic. 

“I think we all felt, during COVID, very isolated,” Gregg said. “So, as we start to transition to more normal life but still using COVID restrictions, it’s (the egg hunt) a good way to see people again and have that community so you’re not all by yourself like you have been the past year.” 

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