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PSU appoints Jason Kegler as associate vice president of student life

Student life is something that Pitt State puts a lot of effort into. It is important to them to make sure that students are having the best college experiences while completing their college degrees. The staffing for student life has slightly changed this year. One of those changes is Jason Kegler being appointed to associate vice president.  

Previously Kegler’s title was assistant vice president. His previous responsibilities included working with Student Conduct, Title IX, and Student Advocacy. With this new promotion he will tackle additional responsibilities dealing with University Housing. He will also continue to work with victim advocacy and student legal resources.  

“It is more of an enhancement of my supervision responsibilities within the Student Life division,” Kegler said. “The addition of University Housing is notable because it affords me the opportunity to impact students who desire to have the residential collegiate experience.”  

According to Pitt State News, the vice president of student life, Steve Erwin said that Kegler will have focus on putting together ideas for the department and leadership. 

There are a lot of different aspects in student life that affect student’s overall college experiences. It takes the determination of the entire community to ensure that students are being taken care of properly.  

“As an institution, we are extremely collaborative amongst ourselves and the community of Pittsburg and Crawford County,” Kegler said. “Working not only with campus partners, but with our community partners is critical to our success.” 

Kegler began working for PSU in 2014. Previously, before coming to Pittsburg, he held leadership positions at Allen and Neosho Community Colleges. He also served as a sheriff’s deputy in Allen County.  

“Most everyone wants to be recognized for their hard work, effort, and their ability,” Kegler said. “I am honored to know the administration has the respect and confidence in me to provide leadership within University Housing.”  

Kegler has plans to better University Housing, so that students will feel safe and be equally respected. 

“We must remain responsive to the needs of our students,” Kegler said. “It is important for us to continue to build a culture of respect and community among those in University Housing.”  

The COVID-19 global pandemic has created challenges and has changed living arrangements for students. In the upcoming semester, student life plans to make adjustments to make it easier on housing staff and students residing there.  

“I am also keenly aware that on the back heels of a global pandemic, University Housing will face challenges,” Kegler said. “My perspective is that with every challenge comes an opportunity, therefore I am excited for the opportunities which lie ahead.” 

With Kegler’s new position, he will continue to work with PSU staff to resolve issues that students, staff and faculty may have. According to Kegler, it is important to student life that each student has a fair experience and opportunities while attending Pitt State. 

“We also must continue to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion,” Kegler said. “We must create opportunities for these students to become part of the community.” 

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