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Trump flags disgracing America

With the elections coming up quickly, Trump flags have become more abundant. Where there used to be a few here and there, they are spotted more and more during everyday drives. The basic blue Trump 2020 flags are most common, as well as the same style but in red. However, a new Trump flag has been popping up more and poses a question, have Trump supporters gone too far?   

Trump campaigns on the basis of patriotism, with his slogan ‘Make American Great Again!” one would assume he is an advocate for patriotism in our country. Especially with his most recent statement, saying that he will work towards developing “patriotic education” which is a pro-American curriculum in history classes. One would think a true patriotic American wouldn’t want to disrespect the American flag, but apparently our President gets to pick and choose what is patriotic and what is not.  

According to Cornell Law School’s legal website the following falls under the U.S. Code for respecting the flag, “(g) The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature.” 

So, if the flag should never have any of these things on it why are there American flags flying that say Trump 2020 on them? For those patriotic Trump supporters flying them, it is very unpatriotic and disrespectful to own, let alone fly, an American flag with Trumps name on it.  

After some research, those specific flags are not sold on Trumps official page, however those as well as many other adaptations of the Trump American flag can be found on amazon, etsy, iamericanflags, and many more online stores. However, Trumps campaign does sell American flag Trump Pence 2020 beverage coolers.  

Putting Trumps name on the American flag shows other countries that this is Trumps America. It goes beyond saying this is America and here is our president, it somehow combines them. Creating the idea of Trumps America, almost, in my opinion, like a dictatorship. In my opinion, it also gives the impression that minorities that Trump has attempted to strip rights from, are not safe in this country anymore. The intensity that comes from his supporters also adds to that opinion. The hats, shirts, multiple flag designs, etc. what is the point?  

It’s understandable to have a sign to show support but wearing and purchasing MAGA hats, pro Trump shirts, and any of the excessively large variety of Trump flags, is too much and it is happening all of the time, not just around election time. Trump supporters have been sporting Trump garb since he ran for President the first time, like one would support a sports team or a singer they love.  

Many Americans who deem themselves the most patriotic are so quick to blame those who kneel for the anthem or protest for human rights as unpatriotic, that those who do those desecrate the flag and disgrace America. However, they are the ones who are desecrating the flag, according to U.S. Code G. Those who place his name or face on the flag disgrace America and are in violation of the flag code.  

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