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Too hot to handle brings the spice to Netflix

With quarantine almost over and as stores and restaurants slowly begin to open back up again, Netflix is continuing to bless its viewers with amazing new movies and shows to watch. Recently released onto Netflix is reality tv, meets competition, meets love, meets comedy and it is called “Too Hot to Handle.” Created by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett this show is full of laughter, romance and sex. Netflix adds that this show may not be suitable for kids 17 and under so keep that in mind before letting your kids watch this series. 

The premise of this show is to bring the hottest men and women from across the globe to compete in this competition. Each of the contestants are considered playboys/playgirls that are never in a committed relationship. The purpose of the show is to give these one-night stand type of people a chance at real romance and intimacy. When the contestants arrive, they have no clue what is going to happen. They all think that the show is just a dating reality show and they just get to have fun and have sex through the duration of their time at this beautiful beach resort. However, that is not the case. 

Soon the contestants are introduced to Lana. Lana is a virtual assistant that helps the contestants along their journey. After 12 hours of the contestants getting to know each other and hang out a little bit Lana drops the bomb. Contestants from then on out are not allowed to kiss, have sex or any kind of self-pleasing. Contestants are beyond shocked as this was not what they were expecting whatsoever. However, there is a catch. Contestants have a group pot of $100,000. If no one breaks any rules the money will stay the same. However, if anyone breaks the rules money will be deducted from the group pot. So, if two people decide to kiss money will be taken away from everyone. 

The design of this competition is to help these players connect with others at a personal level without any sex. Contestants get to go on dates, workshops to find themselves and each other and share themselves using emotions and communication not their bodies. As the show goes on the contestants start to get rewarded. They are each given a bracelet that will light up green at certain times. The green light means they can kiss and be intimate. However, the green light will only appear if they have connected with someone on a deeper level. As the show continues even more rewards are possible including a personal suite for contestants that have created a real bond. And in a shocking twist, more contestants are added in the middle of the show. By doing these contestants will have to choose between the real connections they have already made or go back to their old ways and focus on appearances rather than what’s inside. 

While this show may seem silly to some, I love the concept of teaching people to understand themselves and those around them better. I give this show a B+ and I am excited to continue to watch the couples grow and find their love for each other outside of the show. 

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