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Extraction hits number one on Netflix

With quarantine still keeping us inside, I have been going through Netflix looking for the best new movies as well as good throwbacks to watch. Luckily for me, Netflix has recently released a new movie that has completely taken over Netflix as it is number one in the US currently.  

Directed by Sam Hargrave this film is full of non-stop action and thrill that will have you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire movie. 

“Extraction,” starring Chris Hemsworth as Tyler, follows an international crime lord’s son who was taken by a top drug dealer to make a point that he is top dog. Tyler, a black-market mercenary is hired to go in and extract the boy and bring him back to his family. However, the city is crawling with drug traffickers, weapons dealers and even kids who are trying to prove themselves to the drug lord.  

When Tyler finally gets a hold of the boy, he is thrown for a loop as the crime lord never had intention of paying Tyler for his efforts in saving his son. Now, Tyler not only has an international crime lord coming after him but also the drug lord who wants the kid back. And even worse, the drug lord controls the entire city and even the police are on his side. Even friends that Tyler thought he could trust are coming after him as well.  

With no one on his side Tyler does everything he can to save this boy’s life. Tyler used to be a father however his son died at age six due to an illness. Helping this boy means everything to Tyler as he feels that he is helping his son in a way. 

At the end of the movie things get rough. Even though Tyler now has a team coming in to rescue him, this hero may have to risk more than he thought in order to save this boy from death. 

This movie is a must watch. The action and the amazing acting this movie holds is out of this world. However, strong caution to parents with children. This movie is rated R and for good reason. There is nonstop blood, gore, drugs and language. Make sure that your kid is not in the room when watching this. For parents wanting to know more information about this movie before letting their kid watch should look up the movie on IMDB and go through the parent’s guide. This guide will show you everything that makes this movie rated R. However, this guide does give some of the movie away so maybe watch the movie first before you let your kid watch. 

This movie is so different than other action movies because there is never a break. This is a film with ongoing action and violence. I have only seen this movie once, but I will be watching again as it is too good to not view for a second time. I give this movie an A+ rating. 

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