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Spreading comedic relief during quarantine

For the next quarantine edition of rotten bananas, I am going to show you guys some of my favorite stand up comedies that are on Netflix. During a time like this it feels good to get some laughs in once in a while. These stand-up shows are great to have on while doing laundry or cooking dinner. They are just mindless shows that can be an enjoyable background noise. 

The first stand-up comedy that I highly recommend is literally any Kevin Hart stand-up specials. Kevin Hart has such a funny and free-spirited personality that reflects into his many stories. Every one of his shows that I have watched has had me in tears from laughing so hard. Since Hart is also an actor it makes his shows that much better. He has all the hand motions and body language that really make the viewer understand and relate to his stories that much more. Now, there is a lot and I mean a lot of bad language and explicit stories you do not want your kids to hear. So, make sure they are not around when you watch this hilariously raunchy stand-up special. 

The next stand-up comedy that I could watch every day for a month and not get tired of it is “Bert Kreischer The Machine.” Now Kreischer is one of those comedians who do not care about what people think of him whatsoever. Every time he gets on set, he immediately takes of his shirt and starts drinking. He is the type of comedian who is very laid back and relaxed and just wants to relate to his crowd. The stories Kreischer has are mainly based off his kids and the stories about his experience as a father. He is very popular however with the younger generations too as he shares stories from when he was in his youth as well. And just like in Kevin Harts specials, Kreischer is also very raunchy and parents should try and keep their kids from hearing the show. 

The last stand-up comedy that I enjoyed watching is “Liza Shlesinger: Confirmed Kills.” In the stand-up comedy industry, many females struggle to find their place on the stage. However, this is not the case for Liza as she is an amazing female comedian. Liza mainly relates to the millennials of our generation and how we take in tasks and life in today’s society. She speaks about relationships and shares many stories about her life as a mid 20-year-old. Even older adults can get a kick out of it as many of the things we go through at our age, they have already been through. Once again, there is a good amount of explicit content that parents should be aware of when watching this show around their kids. 

Overall, these comedies are great for a spirit lift through the everyday boredom that comes with quarantine. Each of these shows are different in their own way and can bring a laugh to whoever watches. I hope you all enjoy these A+ rated rotten banana reviewed stand-up specials. 

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