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Getting through quarantine each show at a time

As quarantine is still going on and communities are getting more and more restless, here are some more shows you can watch to keep you entertained. However, make sure to keep getting outside as much as possible to get some fresh air while binging these shows. Quarantine won’t last forever but I hope these shows give you some happiness amidst these dull and boring times. 

The first show on Netflix for you to binge is “Scandal.” Starring Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope and Tony Goldwyn as President Fitgerald; this is not your average political show. Olivia Pope started as the Presidents campaign manager and after he got into office, she leaves to start a company of her own. However, it is more complicated than that as Pope and President Fitzgerald have fallen in love. While Pope works as a fixer now, solving problems for politicians, both Pope and Fitzgerald cannot stop thinking about each other. Their paths cross all the time as Pope’s clients are all politicians on the hill. This show is full of suspense, romance and secrets and you will not be able to turn off the TV. This show does have a lot of raunchy moments as well as gruesome scenes, so make sure there are no kids around while watching this show. 

The next show on Netflix that is a must watch is “Shameless.” Starring Emmy Rossum as Fiona Gallagher, this older sister is responsible for taking care of not only her five younger siblings but her drunk washed up father as well. When the kids were all born the mom left the picture and left Fiona to raise the kids and make enough money for the house payments. The next oldest Lip Gallagher played by Jeremy Allen is the smartest kid in the family and is preparing to go to college. However, Lip and the rest of the kids are huge troublemakers. Each episode the kids are getting into something they shouldn’t, and Fiona is always there to clean up the pieces. This show is a great portrayal of a dysfunctional family trying to make ends meet with comedy added making this one of my favorite shows on Netflix. Once again, this show is full of sex, drugs and foul language so make sure there are no kids around while you are watching this 9-season series. 

Finally, the last Netflix series to binge is “American Horror Story.” This show is not for the faint of heart as it is beyond creepy and demented. Each season has a different storyline with the same cast but as different characters. One of my favorite seasons is “Murder House,” which is the first season. A family moves into a house that is haunted by ghosts. These ghosts have died in the house and cannot leave. The only way that the ghosts can leave is if their bones are found and buried somewhere else off the house’s property. Each season is not like the last and always keeps you on your toes as you do not know what to expect next. As before, this show is raunchy and demonic and is not for children and young teens so be aware of your surrounding before you turn on this horror show. 

Each of these shows has its own genre whether you want romance and suspense, comedy or horror. They are all available on Netflix and I hope you all enjoy! I give all of these shows an A+ rating. 

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