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Movies to kill boredom in quarantine

For everyone quarantining themselves to stop the spread of the coronavirus, there are a few exceptional movies that can fill your day with a little excitement. Some people do not like watching an entire Netflix series as it takes up a lot of time and can take a while to finish. So, here are some amazing movies that have suspense, comedy, action and romance. 

The first movie you can watch on Netflix is a sci-fi action-packed thriller called “Time Trap.” Directed by Mark Dennis and Ben Foster this movie stars Cassidy Gifford as Cara, Brianne Howey as Jackie, Reiley McClendon as Taylor and Andrew Wilson as Hopper. When Hopper, a professor in archeology, goes to search for his parents that went missing years ago in a cave in search of the fountain of youth, he too goes missing. When his students haven’t heard back from him in a while, they too go in search for him. When the kids get in the cave, they start noticing some weird things. In a hole in the cave the sun is going by super-fast. They soon realize full years are passing by them in seconds. After only a couple hours in the cave huge alien like creatures are coming down to the cave to help them because the world had evolved so much since they had been down there. Two hours in the cave resulted in the end of the world outside the cave. So, if you like action, suspense and thrill this movie is for you. 

The next movie you can watch is also on Netflix and is called “Search Party.”  This movie is directed by Scot Armstrong and stars Adam Pally as Adam, T.J Miller as Jason and Thomas Middleditch as Nardo. The film starts off at Nardo’s wedding and the scene is nothing but beautiful and full of joy. That is until Jason runs in and stops the wedding. Nardo goes down to Mexico to try and get his bride back as she went on the honeymoon alone. However, Nardo gets car jacked and they take all his clothes as well, so he is stranded butt naked in the middle of Mexico with no money. Nardo calls his friends Jason and Adam to come and help them so they pack up and head to Mexico. This movie will make you laugh out loud however, this movie is rated R and is not acceptable for children. There is foul language, drugs and murder. So, make sure there are no kids around when you watch this movie. 

The last movie you can watch on Netflix that is action packed and full of romance is “Mr. Right.” Directed by Paco Cabezas this movie stars Anna Kendrick as Martha and Sam Rockwell as Francis. Martha has struggled with love most of her life and when she catches her longtime boyfriend cheating on her she felt heartbroken and done with men. That is until she meets Francis. The only thing is that Francis is an ex hit man and has turned on his government agency. Instead of killing people he is hired to kill he finds the person that hired him and kills them. Martha and Francis hit it off right when they meet, and Martha is immediately thrown into Francis’s world of killing. However, Martha ends up having some skills of her own and soon Francis and Martha become a secret spy killing team. This movie will have you on the edge of your seat and filled with butterflies at the same time.  

Overall, all these movies are different in their own way and have a different genre for everyone’s specific taste. I give all these movies an A+ and would recommend them to all of my family and friends. I hope you all enjoy!

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