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V Wars mirrors corona virus and the panic it has spread

Released on Netflix in late December last year, “V Wars” is a show that deals with vampires and the spread of the vampire virus. This show only seems fitting to review after the coronavirus started to spread, causing worldwide panic. “V Wars” stars Ian Somerhalder as Dr. Luther Swan and is full of action, romance and hope. 

The show starts at a research post in Antartica where a scientist discovers a rock that held vampire blood in it from thousands of years ago. When Swan and his friend Michael Fayne, played by Adrian Holmes, are exposed to the rock they are held in quarantine. The vampire virus did not affect Luther; however, it did infect Fayne. 

As the virus keeps spreading across the world, people begin to go crazy. Stores are shut down; all the food is being taken and vampires begin to kill people for food and fun. Luther is sought out and employed by the government to find a cure and a reason for the vampire virus and how some people get infected, but others don’t.  

When Luther and his son go out to find Luther’s ex-wife, Luther’s son gets infected. Luther soon finds out after many tests that there is a certain gene in the human body that causes some people to contract the virus and others to not. 

After Luther finds the reason people are turning into vampires, the government tries to kill him so he can’t tell anyone about what he discovered. Meanwhile, Fayne has become a legend in the vampire community, leads an army of them and teaches them the right ways to kill. Fayne starts to go against Luther and this leads to a war zone between the vampires and humans. 

After watching this show, I would encourage everyone to watch it. The producer did an amazing job directing and casting for this show. However, parent reviews say that this show is for 17 and up. This series has a lot of sex, explicit language and drugs. There is also a lot of violence and disturbing images.  

There are also many positive messages in this series. For one, always stand by your friend’s side through thick and thin. Even when Fayne turns into a vampire, Luther still goes out of his way to help him. Another message is that a father will do anything and everything to help their child. Luther protects his son at all costs from the vampires and from the government who try to get rid of him. Another great message is co-parenting. Luther and his ex-wife work together to keep their son safe and to keep their family from getting hurt or falling apart. 

Overall, “V Wars” has a great twist on vampirism and how it would affect the world if a virus got out and caused worldwide panic. So, while you’re sitting at home with nothing to do while the coronavirus lingers outside, this is a perfect show to watch. I give “V Wars” an A+ rating. 

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