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Matthew Dennet, Jim Leedy, and Ryan McCoy, from Lakewood Cabinetry, interview Eric Fischbach, sophomore in architectural manufacturing management and technology, during the AMMT Company Day on Friday, Feb. 21. Lakewood Cabinetry is located in Oklahoma and manufactures plastic casework and parts. Caleb Oswell

AMMT welcomes businesses from across the country for Company Day

Pittsburg State’s Architectural Manufacturing Management and Technology (AMMT) program welcomed businesses from across the country at the 2020 AMMT Company Day. The company day event was on Thursday, Feb. 20 and Friday, Feb. 21 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Kansas Technology Center (KTC).  

This event helped students in the AMMT program find internships, jobs and learn more about their program from different companies. 

Teaching for nine years in the AMMT program, Charlie Phillips received both his undergrad and master’s at PSU. He also has a BST in Wood Technology and an MST in Career and Technical Writing.  

“(Company Day)… allows companies to speak with our entire student body at one place and time and the same goes for the students,” Phillips said. “They can talk to 25 plus companies and then interview with them.” 

Sarah Provard transferred to PSU and is a junior in the AMMT program. Provard transferred to PSU to study at Pitt State’s AMMT program. 

“I am originally from West Jordan, Utah,” Provard said. “Back home, there aren’t that many options for me to further my education in the woodworking trade. So, while I was at a competition I heard about Pitt for the first time, I met Charlie for the first time the next summer in a national competition and that is when I decided that Pitt was going to be the best school to learn the most from.” 

PSU has had many Company Days and they have all been a success for the students in the AMMT industry. 

“Company Day is a very unique opportunity for our students here, usually for internships the students are tasked to go out and find it on their own, but with this event, the students have the opportunity to talk with all of the companies that come and network with minimal work on their part,” Provard said. “This is the second Company Day that I have been a part of, and I absolutely love it. Not only am I getting an internship, but I am talking to all these other companies that I might not even interview with. This builds relationships that will go on for a very long time. Last year I didn’t know anyone and this year I went in knowing a ton of the people that came to represent their companies and it was like saying hello to old friends. One thing I love about this field is that even though all the companies are kind of competing for the same clients they are all friends and know one another. It like a big family.” 

Another student at PSU in the AMMT program is junior Chris Wernimont, triple majoring in AMMT, management, and marketing. Wernimont heard from his high school teacher about the AMMT program and decided to continue is education at PSU. 

“I am looking forward to talking to all the companies and getting to know about their people and what it’s like there,” Wernimont said. “They are here for us just as much as we are here for them. Personally, I want to come back and teach at PSU in the AMMT department. Our professors are what makes this possible.  They show us the skills, mold us into the phenomenal students we are, and then bring these companies in. They really don’t get enough credit.” 

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