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Emily Frank, senior in plastic engineering technology, Brandon Woodruff, junior in communications, and Hannah Dixon, junior in human communications, socialize before Bango in the U-Club Wednesday, Nov. 13. Several students showed up at the event. Gracelyn Haile

BANGO teaches students about sexual health

Gorilla Peer Health combined learning about sexual health education and bingo to create BANGO. BANGO was held Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m. in the U-Club.  

“We came up with this idea on the basis that we know that not everybody is going to be sexually active,…but if they do choose to do so we want to make sure they do it safely and with accurate information so we created this event in order to give that accurate and positive information so that they can positively explore and live a healthy sexual life,” said Brandy Brouhard, senior in psychology. 

Students were given the opportunity to play a game of BANGO, learn about sexual health, and receive the chance to win sex toys.  

“We have a slide show going up that talks about all the different toys we have available, how to properly take care of them, what they’re meant for, how to clean them, all that sort of stuff,” Brouhard said. 

Gorilla Peer Health provided over ten opportunities to students to win sex toys and other supplies.  

“I think that this should be held more often, events like this, because it gets students involved,” said Brandon Woodruff, junior in communication. 

They also had a separate table beside the prize table that had free items on it for students to take as they pleased.  

“The other table is condoms, lube, and free little vibrators that were given from Trojan because safer sex is better, people can just go up and grab them,” Brouhard said. 

Gorilla Peer Health also invited PRISM, the campus LGBT organization, to table at the event.  

“All my friends were coming, so I just figured why not, I didn’t actually expect to win anything, it’s a pretty great event I think it’s really fun, people get really wild and I think it’s a great way to let loose and have fun,” Braden Shelton, freshman in biology.  

PRISM tabled about LGBTQ sex positivity and gave students the opportunity to spin a wheel and answer a question for a chance to win a prize.   

“It was kind of chaotic, but it was also relieving because we’ve never done an event like this before and we think it is a big step towards having a sexual, positive community,” Brouhard said. 

This is the first time Gorilla Peer Health put this event on. They gave away fourteen prizes in their raffle drawing.  

“My friend won a bingo and we were all going crazy and every time she got close we were all going crazy and that was a lot of fun and everyone was looking back at us and wondering why we were going so crazy,” Shelton said. 

Students who won a round of bingo won an extra raffle ticket to put in any of the fourteen options to see if they won the raffle for that prize.  

“I just can’t believe I won this, I put it in as a joke I never thought I’d win this, it was really fun and I’ll never forget it,” Shelton said.  

Shelton was one of the fourteen students in attendance to win one of the prizes available.

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