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Christel Bensen, graphics and imaging associate professor, and Chris Huitt, graphics and imaging professor, look around the "Graphic Content" art gallery in Bicknell Family Center for the Arts Wednesday, Oct. 2. Bensen and Huitt's students work exhibited in the gallery. Shakota Woolsey

The Bicknell Family Center for the Arts hosts Award-Winning Student Work

The Bicknell Family Center for the Arts hosted award-winning student work who are majoring in the Graphics and Imaging Technologies program. The gallery was open to the community on Wednesday, Oct. 2 to show the hard work that the students put into their projects. 

Rion Huffman, associate professor of graphics and imaging technologies, said these students have won either a Gold American Advertising Federation award, a Gold Crimson Creative award, a National Award of Publication, or been in a National Photographic gallery. 

“For the students this event means a lot because everything that is in this gallery the students have put a lot of work into,” Huffman said. “None of these were just simple class projects. This was a passion project for them. They have already been recognized nationally for some of them, though they might not have received the recognition that they deserve back home. Being able to show the community what these students are doing, I think, is very important. I think it is nice for the students to get the recognition from the community as well. Also, it is always fun and exciting to see your work in a gallery.” 

Audrey Dainty, senior in graphic communications, has spent countless hours perfecting her projects which were displayed at the Bicknell. 

“I have three projects on display here, but the longest one was probably my photo research project because it took me an entire semester to actually get those photos taken and developed and edited,” said Dainty. “Then the poster itself also took a very long time.” 

Anne Wood, senior in graphic communications, chose this major for the photography side of things. 

“I chose this major because I have always loved art, but I cannot really draw so I decided to do photography and take pictures instead,” Wood said. 

Huffman has seen the progress of his students and is proud of the work they have done. 

“I am bursting with pride over these students,” Huffman said. “It just makes the job worth doing to be able to see their work out here and have recognition from other people. I mean the teachers get to see it all the time, we see them in the classroom, we see their amazing and they’re doing great work. Then they enter (a) competition and then other people get to see it and it’s like finally other people get to see how awesome these students are. It is extremely awesome, and I am very proud of them.” 

Dainty has completed many projects, though her favorite was one of her projects that was displayed at the Bicknell. 

“My favorite project I did was my photo research project because I love photography and this was my first time really getting into research,” Dainty said. “…To do research in a creative field was very new to me but it was also (a) really fun experience. So, to learn about that and having a bunch of help from my professors and my mom, who also knows a lot about research, I learned something new that I am very passionate about now. To come out with some cool projects from that research and to also come out with new critical thinking and experiencing with research was my favorite part of all of this.”

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