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Brad Wells, Crossland, and Colin Kisner, senior in computer information systems, discuss information at Meet the Firms Monday, Sept. 9. Students in search of full-time and internship opportunities were present during the event at the Overman Student Center. Shakota Woolsey

Students seek internships at “Meet the Firms” career fair

Graduation can come soon for students once they begin college and some seek to obtain internships in their field of study, so that they will be prepared for the real world. 

The Office of Career Services hosted their annual “Meet the Firms” career fair on Monday, Sept. 9, 2019 from 4 to 5:30 p.m. During this fair, students had the opportunity to meet with various job firms and attempt to obtain internships and full-time jobs for the near future. The event was held in the Red and Gold Ballroom located in the Overman Student Center.  

“(Meet the Firms is) designed for accounting majors because their recruitment season starts much earlier than other companies” said Mindy Cloninger, director of career services.  

Some of the firms that were present at the fair included s. 

“We’re looking for accounting-finance information degrees, seeking to grant internships and jobs.” said Peter Kane, senior auditor at Tyson Foods.  

Students that obtain internships through the career fair can use them to gain understanding, as well as hand on experience within the firm. With their internships, students shadow employees in the firm and gain experience needed for a full-time job.  

“(I’m) looking for summer internships (and), eventually a full-time career,” said Wade Hand, junior in computer information systems. 

Many internships happen over summer because students who are not attending summer school tend to haver freer schedules. 

“Everyone that I spoke to (at the fair) was really nice” said Hand.  

Many of the firms were searching for students that are “ dedicated” and have a “learning work ethic.” 

“(We’re) looking for interns for next summer, in seeking accounting and finance degrees. We had PSU students in the past, and were looking for more, we’ll be interviewing on campus next week” said Ashley Flores, supervisor at ConocoPhillips.  

Some of the employees from the firms are alumni from PSU and according to them, they are looking to “pay it forward.”  

“To enter in as an accounting major, you pretty much need to do an internship,” Cloninger said. 

Students were able to speak with multiple firms, so that they have multiple references to choose from when it is time to apply for an internship and a job.  

“(The fair) gives students an opportunity to learn about different internship programs, it’s the catalyst that kicks off the recruitment season,” Cloninger said. 

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