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SGA Meeting summary 9-4-2019

The SGA meeting for this week was held at Block 22 in a conference room. During the meeting, a few resolutions have been reviewed.  

Resolution 1920 was passed. The resolution is as follows: to establish a curriculum for intern council to function properly according to the constitution, the Intern Council must have an outlined curriculum. Chief of Staff Michael has prepared a full curriculum outline with the supporting material and each item included in the Intern Curriculum is necessary to properly inform the members of intern council about the duties and obligations of Student Government. The constitution also states the Intern Curriculum must allow for leadership development. Therefore, student government association assembled to approve the curriculum and all supporting materials that were prepared by Chief of Staff Michael.  

Resolution 1921 was adopted which is to approve the vacancy senators approved by the vacancy committee; SGA requires a full membership to properly function. There were many positions that need to be filled and the  vacancy committee has reviewed all applicants and has chosen the following to become representatives, therefore the Pittsburg state university senate assembled here by to appoint Cydney Churchwell to a Senator at Large, Garrett York to a Senator at Large, Tone ‘Nae Toomer to a Senator at Large, Brandon Lee to a Senator of the Technology Center, and Jami Gooch to a Senator at Large. 

Resolution 1922 was also adopted which is to enact an allocations handbook for the fall 2019 semester, in order to conduct Allocations for the fall semester, SGA need an updated allocations handbook to operate under, handbook shall include the guide to dates, times, and meeting places for all Finance Committee meetings. Therefore, the Student Government Association approve the Fall 2019 Allocations Handbook and supporting documents. 

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