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Chris Jones hypnotizes audience members during his show at the Bicknell Wednesday, Aug. 28. The event was put on by the Gorilla Activities Board. Gracelyn Haile

Chris Jones hypnotizes students at PSU

For the last three years, PSU has brought Chris Jones to the Bicknell to hypnotize students.  

Wednesday Aug. 28 at 9:30 p.m. in the Bicknell Family Center for Performing Arts, Chris Jones, hypnotist performed.  

“This is one of the best venues, period..,” said Jones. “…It’s so fun when you have a room with so many people in it, I’ve been here three times at least, yeah this will be four, I’ve been to some shows this year where they hold two thousand three thousand people and there’s a hundred and twenty people, I don’t care who you are that hurts your feelings, so the fact that I’m in a house and it’s relatively full it makes me feel really really good,”  

Gorilla Activities Board (GAB) brought Chris Jones to PSU. This is their fourth year bringing Jones to PSU to do his hypnotist show.  

“He’s been pretty popular every time we’ve had him here we’ve gotten really great feedback about how people love him and he’s just really funny and he gets students laughing and it’s something new for everyone to try, it’s open to all of the students it’s not just for freshmen and he really makes it an interactive show and fun for everyone to watch and experience,” said Nicole Day, sophomore in nursing. 

Students in attendance participated in the show for a chance to be hypnotized. Some of the students who were hypnotized were taken to the stage to sit and others stayed in the crowd.  

“At first, I wasn’t really into it and then I fell asleep and my arms felt super heavyI literally cannot move them at all and then Drake was there somehow, and he was dancing,” said Susana Canales, freshman in history education. 

Those hypnotized participated in the show while Jones had them do a variety of things like pretend to be zombies, be superheroes, and to think he was Drake.  

“It was kind of cool because two of my friends got hypnotized and I kind of wanted to be hypnotized… It was kind of cool to see everybody do the different things,” said Destiny Ray, undeclared freshman 

Jones talked about past shows throughout his show and even demonstrated some skill in standup comedy 

“It was kind of funny and at the same time they probably wont remember anything until like the next day when it regenerates and that’s going to be the funny part,” Ray said. 

Jones had a variety of ways of entertaining students, including singing and dancing. 

“I wrote my thesis in grad school on hypnosis and I went to college and before that I loved magic since the sixth grade and in college and I practiced magic tricks and after seeing a couple hypnotists in college, I was like I think I can do this,’ and then in grad school, I was like ‘Yes, I can definitely do this,’ and after grad school, I found an agent and I worked at university for 6 months and then I quit my job and became a traveling hypnotist,” said Jones. 

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