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Rugby gearing up for season

The Pitt State Rugby Club is prepping for their upcoming season which begins this August.  

Club president and senior in communication Ivan Walter is looking forward to seeing the returning players show all that they learned during the previous season and bring that skill to the field.  

“Solast year we (had) a lot of young guys so we will (have) a lot of experience for the team this year,” Walter said. “So, (I am looking forward to) just being able to see where we can take this team to because obviously, I want to win playoffs (and) I want to win as many games as I can. But last year, it was tough having a lot of young guys learning the game. So, I am excited for more advanced kind of stuff. Hopefully it won’t be (about) learning it, it will be about perfecting it. Obviously, I am just excited to be out on the field again. I love playing the sport (and I love being around the guys. It is always a great time.”  

There have been many changes since last seasonmainly changes in leadership according to Walter.  

“Well, we have a lot of changes in leadership,” Walter said. “In the last two years, we’ve had a lot of seniors. So, this year I am going to be the president. It is my first time being president. We have a new team captain. We have lots of new leadership so I am just excited to see where we can take the team, what direction we can move (and) advance as a group.”  

Along with Walter being the new president, a single team captain has been appointed as opposed to last season when the team has co-captains. Ty Goss will be the new team captain.  

“… This is Ty’s first year being a full-blown captain on the field,” Walter said. “So, he will be in charge of talking to the (referee) during games, he will be leading practices, he will be doing a lot of stuff. I will be doing a lot of offfield stuff like paperwork, emails, and that kind of thing and he will be more onfield kind of leading.”  

The Rugby team made it to the Sweet 16 Tournament in the previous season but did not advance very far in the tournament. Walter hopes to change that this season.  

“I want to make it back to the Sweet 16 Tournament,” Walter said. “We got there two years ago, and we lost first round so obviously I want to win the tournament, but just being able to get there and then win some games. That is what I want to do personally.”  

Walter is ultimately excited for the season and cannot wait to start the season with the rugby team.  

“I am really excited,” he said. I’m really glad to be back in school (and) getting to see all the guys. 

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