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Chris Kelly. Courtesy of Pittsburg State University

Chris Kelly takes new position at UAFS

Associate athletic director for strategic partnerships Chris Kelly accepted a new position at the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith (UAFS) as the director of marketing and communications.  

Kelly has been an employee of Pittsburg State for nine years. Initially, he was employed in the University Marketing and Communications department. After that, he moved on to leading the event ticketing strategy under the athletic department.  

As the head of the ticket office, Kelly’s role was to set and manage ticketing processes and systems for the athletic department as well as the Bicknell Family Center for the Arts 

Kelly is looking forward to being apart of UAFS.  

 I am excited to be a part of another university that is focused on student success,” Kelly said. “There are a lot of similarities between Pittsburg State and UAFS and it is exciting to bring my past experiences here (to UAFS) and to learn from them as well to continue on.”  

Kelly has been an employee of Pitt State for nine years and before that was student. 

“Well it seemed like a good time for a change,” Kelly said. “It seemed (like) an opportunity to expand upon my experiences at Pittsburg State to come to a new institution of similar size… a DivisionII level. That is my favorite size. I think it is a great size to really have an impact on the student and I wanted to continue that on.”  

Kelly says his time at Pitt State was instrumental in his growth as a person.  

Well, my time at Pittsburg State dates back to my years as an undergrad back in 1991,” Kelly said. “I think that is what really has allowed me to become the person I am today and that is why I am so excited about this role here is that it is a similar size institution and I see the impact we make at this level upon the student’s life. So being a Gorilla has and will always mean a great deal to me.”  

Pitt State has been a big contributor to Kelly’s life.  

Yes, I earned both my undergraduate and graduate degree (and) I met my wife at Pittsburg State University,” Kelly said. “We were married in Timmons Chapel. Every significant milestone of my life to this point Pittsburg State has been a part of.”  

Many of Kelly’s biggest accomplishments and achievements have occurred during his time at PSU.  

“Well, being able to be a part of the fantastic Marketing and Communications team at a leadership level was wonderful,” Kelly said. “It was a true privilege and an honor to be able to tell the Pittsburg State story. While we were there, we launched a new website (and) we brought on board the university’s first videographer… Our team that we had there was just fantastic.”  

Kelly looks forward to his time at UAFS but won’t forget about Pitt State.  

… I am extremely excited to be a part of UAFS and we are only three hours away, so I won’t be a stranger,” Kelly said. 

Kelly began his new position at UAFS on Monday, July 15.  

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