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Pittsburg Summer Band performs at Bick during the Summer Band Concert on Saturday, June 22. Members of the band ranged from high school students to retired musicians. Seth Potter

Summer Band concert wraps up Summer Music Festival

The Summer Band Concert is an annual concert that ends the Summer Music Fest. The Summer Band concert was Saturday, June 22 at 8:30 p.m. in the Bicknell Family Center for the Arts 

“It’s not like really about getting it perfect,” said Andrew Chybowsky, assistant professor of music and director of band. “It’s about having fun mostly and for a lot of the kids here that are students from small high schools, this is a chance to play with a really big group and for everyone else it’s a chance to have fun.”  

 The ensemble consisted of PSU students, alumni, and professors as well as community members or those from the surrounding areas.  

“We mostly advertise through Facebook and I sent out emails to people that I know and they just kind of come from all over the place little by little.” Chybowsky said. “It’s word of mouth too.”  

The Summer Band Concert was held inside the Bicknell this year instead of outside due to impending inclement weather. 

“Usually we’re outside,” Chybowsky said. “So, this is kind of like an informal kind of concert and normally there’s dogs and lawn chairsIt’s kind of a different experience, today there was a threat of rain and of course it didn’t actually rain but we ended up having to move it inside. So, it was a little more formal than we usually have, but it was still fun. The audience had a lot of fun, they were happy I think.”  

Anyone who plays an instrument can join the Summer Band Concert. Many performers were from surrounding high schools or had played for years before attending Pitt State like Kiel O’Neal, sophomore in accounting and finance and music performance. This was O’Neal’s third performance and his second time performing as a PSU student. 

“It was very interesting for sure, especially when you wave around a beer cut out thing so that was interesting, not your average concert but it’s a summer thing so might as well make it fun,” O’Neal said. 

The concert gives students from surrounding schools the chance to perform with a bigger group than they might be used to. 

  “I think it’s really good and it should continue to happen,” O’Neal said. “It’s a good way to either meet groups or to just hear good concerts and listen to music.”  

Community members were also in attendance to watch the concert.  

“I think it’s really well run, and I think it’s really important for the area,” said Chandler Terrant, Webb City community member. 

Those who were interested in performing showed up, quickly learned their pieces, and were ready to go for the show.  

“Wellfor us it was actually a really quick preparation,” Chybowsky said. “There was only two rehearsals so the first night we just kind of meet and figure out how we’re going to sound, it’s kind of like a very quick process and the second rehearsal we just get things ready as quick as we can.”   

The show is a laid-back concert to end the week of performances and gives those in attendance as well as those performing a chance to have fun.  

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