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Keeping a beat face while you eat

When it comes to eating, things can get messy. Your lipstick can drag across your face and wipe your foundation off when you wipe your mouth. If you are eating spicy food, you end up wiping foundation off your nose when you blow it. Don’t even try to go for that margarita, your lipstick will curl and crack so quick. Even with waterproof makeup, it’s hard to make sure the products you use stay on even after eating and drinking. Even with those challenges, there are a few ways to keep the beat looks while you munch. 

One of the first things to dip out on lunch is lipstick. Because of this, you want to make sure to do three things, prime, line, and layer. Priming my lips is usually something I never do, but when it comes to eating I definitely prep my lips. Priming is a great way to not only protect your lips but create a barrier between your lips and your lipstick. This will be the base for the other layering you will do to prevent lipstick crumbling. One you get a nice primer, go ahead and line your lip and fill the lip in with the liner. Be sure to line with the same color as your lipstick so that if there is slight fading, the liner will still be there to save the look. The most important part for the lips is layering. It will be important to layer your liner and the lipstick. Picking a nice matte liquid lipstick, I feel, works best for layering and preventing lipstick fading. In addition to these tips, try using straws to protect that lipstick.  

Lipstick isn’t the only product dipping out on meals. Foundation is sometimes one of the hardest things to manage when eating. When eating super saucy pizza, or burgers, you’ll need to wipe your mouth and off comes that foundation. Although you can’t avoid foundation slipping away with that napkin, you can definitely reduce it. Layering for foundation is important. However, layering foundation can cause heaviness. Finding a lightweight, buildable, fullcoverage foundation will be the best bet in layering that foundation without having a gross heavy feeling of makeup in the areas where you wipe most. A step just as important as layering is finding a setting spray or mist that truly holds your makeup in place. This might even save you a trip to the makeup store. If the setting spray is truly holding your makeup, you will not need to reach for more products. 

 If none of these tricks really fit your style, that’s okay. Layering makeup can be a lot and takes some time to perfect. You can still keep your makeup looking great with touch ups and using lots of straws and utensils to keep that beat look from looking beat up. When getting that food off your mouth, be sure to blot and always be prepared to retouch your makeup.  



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