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PRAD Club hosts burrito fundraiser

If Pittsburg State students are feeling hungry April 1 and 2, they will be able to stop by the Oval on campus to purchase a burrito and support PSU’s Public Relations and Advertising Club (PRAD). 

The fundraiser is being held by the PRAD club, a student group based out of the communications department which aims to get students experience in their field. The sale will begin at 10:00 a.m. and end at 3:00 p.m. both Monday and Tuesday. The Public Relations and Advertising club is advised by associate professor Alicia Mason. 

 “It helps us pay for our trip to networking events,” said AnnaLissa Redmond, senior in strategic communications and treasurer for the Public Relations and Advertising club. “Later on, this month, we’re also having another event with Colonial Fox here in town helping them set up an event and plan an event that will help them raise money to finish up construction and renovations on the theater.” 

Pre-orders are available and can be placed by reaching out to the Public Relations and Advertising Club Executive team members. 

“Typically, when we fundraise, we have that money contribute to the projects we have going for that year or the next year depending on what semester we do it,” Redmond said. “The money from this fundraiser goes back to local businesses that we do PR and advertising work for… because we do it completely free and the money from that goes towards that.” 

The Public Relations and Advertising Club is in collaboration with Chipotle for this fundraising opportunity, and the idea came from past fundraisers in high school around Valentine’s Day. 

“Although our original plans were to have it kind of on thast same Valentine’s Day theme, we decided to go ahead and do it the week of National Burrito Day,” Redmond said. “This also gives us a chance to have a lot nicer weather as well, fingers crossed.” 

For students who won’t be able to stop by the Oval, they have the option to pick up a flyer from the Communications office in Whitesitt Hall, room 215. Taking this flyer and mentioning the PRAD club at the Chipotle located in Joplin will ensure that part of the proceeds from the sale will be given to the PSU Public Relations and Advertising club. 

“The PRAD fundraiser is selling any choice of chicken, steak, or veggie burritos,” Redmond said. “We are accepting orders the day of, as well.” 

In the past, PRAD has held other fundraisers, including selling popcorn, cotton candy, and other food as well as coordinating raffles.  

“My favorite part of the club is really getting to know so many different people at the school,” Redmond said. “And getting to meet people in different states and different cities and talking with them about all of the things that I want to do with my career and getting to know what’s expected of me when I graduate and go into the workforce.” 

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