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Munchy Mary abroad: Instant Karma

This week, Mary is putting down the gloves. No fighting for this foodie gal. We’re going to bring the boujie food reviewer game right here to the South East Kansas/South West Missouri area. A few months ago, a Joplin favorite, Instant Karma Gourmet Hot Dogs, dropped the old hot dog label and brought in new decor and a new menu right along with it. Technically they did not drop the hot dogs part of their name, but they took it off the sign and that is enough of a symbolic cut for me. After we give a quick Rest in Peace to its OG form, we went to see how Karma’s new style matches up to its original hipster perfection. 

Let’s start with the decor. So, the first time this foodie walked Instant Karma’s newest incarnation, she was shook with a capital S. I mean hot dog! This was a big change. A wall is gone. The decor is all new. Those kind of weird, but adorably artistic white billowy tissues of lights are all gone. My first thoughts were corporate, corporate, corporate! Instant Karma always screamed cool, but cozy to me. Now the colors and graphics were almost sterile. However, the familiarly unique salt and pepper shakers and oddly colored handkerchiefs covering the silverware helped me to remember exactly where I was and what delicious food I was about to get to eat.  

We’ll start with a trip across the pond for some bangers and mash. Well, this British treat was absolutely bangin’! I had previously had the chance to try out this treat after the Harry Potter 5K and it was a pleasant surprise to see it on the new menu! The potatoes were wonderfully cooked, and the gravy was perfectly seasoned. It was a great choice to add to the new food repertoire. Another new pleasant surprise on the menu was the new ramen. From instant to Instant Karma, man this was a treat! The first bite may have been too salty, but by the time I was slurping from the bottom of the bowl, I had completely forgotten all about it.   

One of the downsides of the menu was the disappearance of some of the traditional (well as traditional as Instant Karma can be) items from the hot dog and hamburger sections of the menu. A welcome addition, however, was the sandwich section of the menu. If you felt like all of your vegetarian friends would forever be missing out on quality cuisine in Southeast Kansas/Southwest Missouri, you have obviously not tried the oven roasted broccoli sandwich! Potato chips, mayo, and broccoli, oh my! I assumed it would be a mess, so I had to try it. It was crunchy and delicious and everything I never knew I needed (or wanted) in a sandwich.  

So, former Instant Karma fans, Munchy Mary is here to tell you that it is A-OK to return. It may not look like what you remember, but boy do their new menu items make up for it. And if you haven’t been yet, what on earth are you waiting for? Go grab a crunchy bite today! 

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